How to Drive Business Growth through Parking App Development

Mar 26th, 2020

How to Drive Business Growth through Parking App Development

Lack of parking space is prevalent in big cities. The reason is simple- the number of cars is increasing exponentially and the parking space mostly remains the same. These days, many people are opting for cars, and this approach makes it increasingly difficult to find an ideal place to park their cars.

Busy streets and highly populated suburbs where a lot of offices and commercial complexes are present can make the parking issue more complex for commuters. Tow-away zone is another nail in the coffin!

The on-demand parking app development can give a robust and real-time solution to these issues. Apart from resolving traffic congestion, the on-demand parking app can offer the convenience of booking a parking space in advance.

If your business revolves around the car parking in metros, the parking app development is the need of the hour. People, who are looking for the best available parking spots near their offices, find your app very useful.

A survey has revealed that 30% of the traffic issues are because people are searching for traffic spots in the city. A Statista report has revealed that some of the big cities across various countries face the worst traffic congestion.


The percentage in this chart shows the extra travel time as compared to the average time during uncongested traffic.

In such a situation, it is an ideal civic solution to develop a parking app with desired features. It also gives a mobility boost to your parking space-related startup or an established parking lot business. The feature-rich parking app can help you manage the parking space while enabling the users to find the available space easily.

The growing popularity of such parking apps indicates that people just love such a real-time solution for parking their car at the proper place.

It is the peak time when commuters seem in a hurry to find the parking space, and it is the same time when it is highly difficult to find a proper place. The mobile app development company can come up with a smart parking system with the help of a mobile mechanism.

For example, the location-based navigation services can help users find a vacant space near their cars. Drivers or commuters can save a lot of time and get rid of traffic issues in the streets.

Startups can also get benefits of the on-demand parking app development and drive their business to grow. Here are key features and aspects you need to keep in mind while opting for a parking app development for your business.

Geofencing Integration

What makes the traffic problem more complicated? Well, the first reason can be the lack of accessibility to the parking lot. In other words, users may not find the parking spot in the vicinity of their cars. The geotagging technology of the mobile app can remain helpful in resolving this issue. App users can easily tag and refer the parking space to any of their peers by tagging the spot.

Geotagging or geofencing technology facilitates you to involve more people and attract them to use your parking app. Drivers or app users can get automated alerts as and when the parking spots remain vacant. It is also possible for them to find out whether the parking lot is nearby to their cars. Also, spot reservation or on-the-go reservations are possible with instant booking mechanisms powered by geofencing integration.

Spot Booking

Plenty of commuters want to book a parking lot for long hours and almost for five days a week. This falls under a regular demand. Another busiest spots are in front of malls or cinema halls that are kept booked for a specific time like 3 to 4 hours every day. Here, the spot booking facility comes handy for parking space owners. For example, they can allocate parking to the office goers first and then book a parking space for people who want to visit the malls.

In a way, you can save spaces from allocating for the entire day to any person. In other words, the parking app can help you to manage space. You can opt for developing parking apps for Android to ensure the growth of your business through spot reservations. The time required by a car and demand can be easily matched by the feature-rich parking space app.

Here are the key concerns that can be addressed by a parking space app-
• Reserve the space for a pre-defined period
• Facilitate drivers to meet their dynamic parking requirement
• Enable commuters to keep the parking space history
• Provide a map to find the way to a parking lot
• Preset reminders about the parking time left

Once your business can resolve these issues, it can grow with ease and more customers will be added. Accuracy and efficiency are the keys to success for the parking space business, and the on-demand parking app enables you to achieve these objectives with ease.

It is fair to mention that such an app can create a win-win situation for your business and customers alike. Your customers can get precise information about the parking space in real-time, and you can manage the available space more efficiently.

Simply put, your business can leverage on accuracy while utilizing the available parking lot in the full swing.

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Real-time Booking

Booking on-the-move or real-time booking is one of the best benefits of the parking app. Geo-fencing and location-based technologies enable your app users to find the parking space in real-time.

As and when the driver comes in the vicinity of the parking space, the app notifies them. It is highly convenient for your regular and new customers alike. Your business can offer the best possible solution for customers.

Your business can take advantage of pre-booking or advance booking and real-time booking to yield more profit during peak hours. It is also possible to come up with a differential pricing on special occasions and events.

The on-demand parking app can facilitate you to come up with special schemes or discounts as well. When you want drivers or your customers to pay more for priority booking, you can manage it through an app.

In other words, the parking app can help you keep the pricing structure dynamic to increase profits. More customers can opt for pre-booking or real-time booking to meet their needs. ‘

Integration of Navigation

Location-based navigation services can make your parking space app more useful than other competitors. Unless the navigation feature, there is no use of the on-demand parking app. Navigation helps drivers reach the spot with ease and in a short time.

The integration of navigation also enables your customers to see the real-time situation of the available parking space. It is also possible to use map apps to find ways with the help of an in-built navigation feature.

Key aspects addressed by navigation feature-

• Map to show the route and empty parking lots
• GPS-based coordination for better parking lot management
• Showing locations of nearby landmarks with the information of parking space

The navigation feature can turn your parking app into the navigation app. Apart from booking a parking lot, this app can help drivers find the route and available parking space.

Here are the key benefits of integrating the navigation feature in your app.

• Send personalized notifications in the real-time regarding the vacant slots
• Enable users to extend the parking time
• Receive email/SMS notification once the booked time slot is over
• Show interactive dashboard with historical parking data and real-time availability

These benefits can make your app the best parking app for iOS and Android. If budget permits, you can also consider integrating additional features in the app. Here is a list of some of the key additional features.


Customized parking space data

It can give actionable insights to customers or drivers to make informed decisions. This feature is designed to provide the app users a facility to find the empty parking space with ease.

Built-in smart video

This can be integrated as a part of the navigation menu. Users can easily drive to the predefined location or booked lot with the help of a smart video. The smart video can be a part of the application.

Voice commands

This feature enables the users to book the available slot through voice command. This is a next-gen technology and gives you a competitive edge over peers. You can come up with the best-in-class on-demand parking app with the help of such futuristic features.

With excellent connectivity and seamless performance, such an app can boost your business.

All these features are aimed at reducing the complexities of parking spots and assist your business to provide all necessary information to the users. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that these additional features can lead your business to success. You can hire mobile app developers to integrate these features while ensuring flawless performance.

Last but not least point is safety. Yes, you need to ensure the safety of your customers’ data and online payment before making your parking app live in the app stores. You can integrate payment gateways and digital payment solutions to make the online more simple, quick, and secure. The robust parking management software can also store the user’s data safely and give them the same, smooth experience across different mobile devices.

Concluding Lines

If you own a parking lot or run a business related to parking space in metro areas, then custom parking app development is highly useful. Your investment in developing a feature-rich parking app can give you good returns over the period as you can stay ahead of the competition.

However, it is necessary for you to bring new versions with an integration of more features and advanced technology regularly. Periodic updates can make your app more reliable and popular.

All you need to understand the driver’s needs and market trends while making a strategy for a parking app. It is advisable to consult a renowned mobile app development company to get a 360-degree parking app solution.

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