How Hiring Dedicated Android App Developers Helps Your Company

Sep 2nd, 2020

How Hiring Dedicated Android App Developers Helps Your Company

What does it take to promote your company amid intensifying competition? Which is the most effective way to attract, engage, and retain more customers to your business? Well, a future-ready, user-friendly Android app can be a befitting reply to these bewildering questions. The thriving mobile platform ensures the growth of your business with a seamlessly-performing Android app.

A reputed mobile app development company can help you make the most of Android OS that enjoys a lion’s share of 87 percent in the global smartphone market. All you need to define your business needs and customers’ expectations to come up with an innovative Android app.

But, here lies a twist- if you fail to hire dedicated developers who have hands-on experience of using the cutting-edge app development tools, your dream of making an awesome app may never get fulfilled.

Spot on! Let’s discuss how dedicated virtual Android app developers work wonders for your app project. This concept focuses on hiring developers who work exclusively on your app.

With the lowest hourly rates and some of the most talented Android app developers to hire, India remains the preferred destination for hiring virtual employees.

From reducing the development cost and reducing efforts to enable you to focus more on core business processes, there are multiple benefits of hiring Android app developers.

Let’s dig deep in these benefits-

No Overheads

When you hire a team of app developers from an Android app development company, you can save big on establishment cost. You can get a readymade setup with talented resources who work for your app project.

It’s like your office away from your office. There is no need for pulling the resources or reserving a separate place in your office for dedicated developers.

Think it this way- you are in a different industry like the food or financial sector. Isn’t it difficult for you to find a perfect place for developers on your premises where they can work without any distractions? There, the mobile app development company lends a helping hand by offering hiring models.

Time and Cost Benefits

There is a lot of variation in the hourly rates of Android app developers worldwide. On one hand, the US-based app developers take around $150-$250 an hour, Indian developers take anywhere around $30 to $50 an hour. It makes a huge difference when it comes to the app development cost.

Another advantage of hiring dedicated Android app developers is the time zone difference. Suppose you run a company in the US and hire app developers from India, then you can get this advantage. It facilitates you to focus on the app project because developers work on your project after your office hours.

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Short-term Commitment

Very few entrepreneurs have noticed this advantage of hiring Android app developers. It enables you to hire the most talented domain experts or developers without any long-term commitment.

Skilled resources are difficult to retain without the long-term commitment and other perks. Here, you can get rid of spending bucks in finding and pulling the necessary resources.

Last but not the least, when you hire developers from a reputed Android app development company, they are already used to work in the professional environment with the known development setup.

In a way, the hiring of Android app developers gives you a great combination of experience, capability, and efficiency. You can monitor the progress of your project through a robust project management tool with ease.

What’s more, real-time communication and collaboration with your team are also possible through advanced communication tools including Skype. The team of developers works with transparency and agility to meet the deadlines of your Android app project while addressing diverse business needs effectively.

Disciplined execution, planned testing, and continuous innovation in the ongoing app development process are other noteworthy benefits of hiring dedicated app developers.

If you still sit on the fence for assigning your upcoming app project to the team of developers, here is a questionnaire for you-

• Do you want to maintain a subtle balance between development cost and app quality?
• Do you have a limited budget for a relatively complex business app?
• Do you want to build an app in a short time?
• Are you ready to hire highly skilled developers from across the world at competitive rates?

If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, then you are about to follow suit of fellow entrepreneurs. Just consult a renowned android app development company and hire developers for building a business app with the best practices.

At Solution Analysts, our team of experienced developers works on the client’s projects relentlessly to meet deadlines without affecting the performance of high-quality Android app solutions.

It’s time to remain assured of having advanced IT solutions at competitive rates by hiring our competent developers. Just send us an email at to hire a team of Android developers that works dedicatedly on your project.

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