Apple has set up an exclusive team to overhaul the App Store and enable mobile application development to remain lucrative for app developers. The company generates its highest revenue from the App Store which has over 1.5 million applications in various categories and serving various purposes.

Launching Your App on iPhone

iPhone app development remains the most lucrative avenue for app development companies and independent developers as it has the highest number of profit earning applications. However, the App Store is getting crowded with a large number of mobile applications and growth in competition. It is difficult for new applications to break into the market and gain visibility with a high rate of competition. Apple is considering a host of options to help mobile app developers and app development companies and also exploring new avenues to generate profits through the App Store.

Give and Take

One of the key revenue drivers for Google is the Paid Search option it gives; Apple is considering a similar model for the App Store. The paid search model will work in a manner similar to Google’s and will allow mobile app development companies to pay to have their application displayed on top when the correct keywords are entered. This presents a new revenue source, though it may arise as a partial system and not be fair to small developers who may not have the big budget required for purchasing keywords.

App Developer

The App Store Developer Support website now has a series of support videos for developers to learn new skills for marketing and making their application profitable. The website will have articles that will educate developers in different ways to make their application engaging and get a better understanding of the business. Apple launched this initiative to help developers in the face of the increasing difficulty faced by them to make applications that are lucrative and getting visibility in the App Store.

The App Industry Forecast

Industry insiders are witnessing what they call the “app fatigue”, and taking stock of the urgent situation, Apple is getting proactive in its efforts. The articles and videos are straightforward “How To…” guidelines to design, develop and launch applications. There are detailed articles on Apple’s processes for app discovery and the new forum where developers can submit their app for feature consideration. There are videos from makers of highly successful applications on their journey and how they continue to sustain their popularity over the long run.
These new insights along with the latest technologies such as iBeacon and Swift app development platform will go the long way in helping mobile developers design innovative and long-running mobile applications.

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