Your Definite Guide for Outsourcing Mobile App Development in 2019

Nov 16th, 2018

Your Definite Guide for Outsourcing Mobile App Development in 2019


What’s the use of your million dollar app idea if it falls in the wrong hands? Over time, many options are available in the field of IT outsourcing across the world. But, it makes the selection of the right outsourcing partner a herculean task.

Here, in this blog, we will give answers to the most obvious questions that may baffle you while finding a reliable mobile app development company for outsourcing your app project.

These questions are

1. Whom should you assign the project- freelancers or agency?
2. What should you look for in the prospective outsourcing partner?
3. What are the risks involved in outsourcing and how you can mitigate them?
4. What are the trends for 2019 and beyond for outsourcing?

The mobile app industry is thriving with over 4.5 million apps on the app stores. According to a GSMA report, almost seventy-one percent of the global population is expected to connect through a mobile by 2025. Summing up this data, you can immediately come to know the importance of a customized mobile app for your business.

  • What is Preferable for Outsourcing – Freelancers or Mobile App Development Company?

It’s time to take the questions one after another. An app outsourcing has gained ground for many years as a cost-effective option to get a feature-rich enterprise app. As the concept is largely embraced by the US and UK-based entrepreneurs, many mobile app development companies, from the other part of the world, have started offering outsourcing services.

What’s more, today, there are over 18.2 million software developers in the world, out of which almost fifty percent have chosen mobile app development domain. Many of them work as a freelancer and make the question of selecting the right outsourcing partner even more difficult.

If you consider the cost, an idea of hiring freelance developers can attract you. Of course, this is a major benefit, you may regret the decision for the following reasons:

> Lack of real-time communication
> Unnecessary delay in completion
> Your valuable data is at risk
> No process-oriented or focused approach

Even if you hire a specialist developer, a few of these aspects remained unaddressed.

Mobile App Development Companies

Mobile app development services providers, on the other hand, are highly professional and work through an agile approach. You can meet all your app development-related requirements under one roof along with pre and post-development services with ease.

What’s more, you can mitigate the risk of data leakage through signing an NDA, and communicate with your team if you hire mobile app developers as and when you feel necessary.

Our take on that

If your app project involves different technologies and requires a sophisticated development process using cutting-edge tools, you should opt for a mobile app development company.

The app development company is also preferable if you want to get support and maintenance services on the regular basis for your app. Also, it is easy to avail the timezone advantage especially when you outsource the project to Asian IT solution providers.

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  • Qualities You Should Look for in Outsourcing Partner

Usually, a mobile app development process needs a sizeable amount along with a lot of efforts. In other words, you simply cannot afford to mess up your app project. It is always necessary for you to get a high return on your investment in the app development, right?

Therefore, you need a reliable and robust outsourcing partner who has gained fame for a timely project completion and result-driven project lifecycle.

Fine. Now you know what is necessary for outsourcing your app project. It’s time to focus now on the important attributes of a right mobile application development company.

Here are a few qualities or criteria necessary in an ideal outsourcing partner:

Portfolio: A portfolio is a reflection of the company’s work. It gives you an idea of how the company has dealt with the issues in the past along with the quality of their work

Connectivity: Apart from the latest communication means, the company must have English-speaking developers who can readily understand the client’s requirements

Services: The outsourcing company should be capable of providing all the services ranging from developing to the marketing your app under one roof

Professionalism: The team of developers should be professional and well-organized to tackle any issue with ease

Compliance: The company needs to be compliant with all the prevalent laws and is registered in the local as well as a national list of companies

Though online review websites, blogs, and search pages can guide you to shortlist outsourcing partners, you should do some more research to find the most suitable technology partner. You can also ask for references from the peers who have outsourced their work or projects.

  • Risks Associated with Outsourcing and How You can Tackle Them

It would be an exaggerated statement if one says that outsourcing of mobile apps is risk-free.

Just like other projects, the mobile app outsourcing also has its pros and cons. Whether it is an Android app development or iOS app development, a few risks are always associated with the outsourcing.

Sensitive data is at risk

This is probably the biggest risk when you outsource an app project and share the critical corporate data with the services provider. Such confidential data can be breached more easily as it is handled by the third-party.

However, you can neutralize this risk by signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) at the time of assigning the project. Also, you should opt for an IP protection agreement.

These days, mostly IT companies give this facility. Just don’t forget to avail it!

Project deadline mismatch

At times, the outsourcing company fails to match your expectations. The company may miss the deadline and the development team seeks a new deadline. What makes the matter worse is that the developers remain clueless about the business model and fail to come up with a proper app design due to it.

All these risks can be mitigated by proper and real-time communication with clear project outline and effective discussions.

  • Trends to Watch for Outsourcing App Project in 2019

Advent of emerging technologies- The mobile app development companies have integrated emerging technologies including AR, VR, IoT, and blockchain to offer better and improved app development services to global clients.

Focus on security- The security of corporate data always remains a cause of concern for the outsourcing service providers. The year 2019 will witness advanced measures taken by these companies to protect the sensitive data.

Cloud-based app development- Hybrid apps have cloud support for enhanced performance and robust data storage. The development of cloud-based apps is challenging and exciting for the mobile app development companies.

Process automation- Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is coming to bring automation in the development process. This disrupting technology can reduce the app development cost. RPA can work wonders in years to come.

That’s it! We have discussed all the questions here in detail. However, a reputed mobile app development company can give you a better consultation about it.

Cost of Outsourcing for Mobile Apps

Now, the time is to give an outline of the cost of outsourcing mobile app development. This is important because every country has different hourly rates for developers.

For example, Australian developers take anywhere between $150 to $200 an hour, whereas the Indian developers charge just $25 an hour. These rates are important as the outsourcing app projects take a reasonable development time.

If your app takes 900 hours of time in the development, if we consider the hourly rate of $150, then your app development cost will be around $135,000. But, at the rate of $30, this cost will reduce to just $27000. This is how the hourly model works!

Here is an important tip. It is always better to discuss with your outsourcing partner about maintenance and support cost. Mobile app development companies usually do not consider this cost in the app development cost. Do you know that your app actually needs a regular maintenance and technical assistance? It is necessary for maintaining the app’s performance and integrate new updates.

At Solution Analysts, we know what it takes to have a successful mobile app. Our dedicated app developers integrate your brand identity and simplify the complex processes through an app to unleash the potential of your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Just connect us at and avail the benefits of outsourcing your app project.

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