What On-demand Technology Brings for Your Real Estate Business

Aug 6th, 2019

What On-demand Technology Brings for Your Real Estate Business


The year 2019 has witnessed steady growth in the on-demand economy globally. Almost all service industries including healthcare, hospitality, cab services, logistics, and maintenance have come up with dedicated on-demand apps, and this trend is going to be strengthened in 2020. It is fair to assume that more sectors will jump on the on-demand app development bandwagon, and the thriving real estate sector will certainly one of them.

As we know, the concept of on-demand apps has ideated from the need to bridge the gap between the demand and supply without any intervention of third-parties. Let’s take an example of on-demand real estate application solution. Prospective buyers, sellers, or tenants can directly connect instantly with the help of on-demand real estate app. Real estate startups can remain the biggest beneficiaries of such an application.

  • Importance of On-demand real estate application solution

The real estate industry is thriving at a steady pace and people like to use technological advancements to find or select the property online. As a result, we witness a paradigm shift in the real estate sector from manual to the online process. In other words, digital transformation is visible of the sector as on-demand real estate app development services gain ground globally.

Prospective buyers or tenants can schedule a home tour or utilize AR (Augmented Reality) based features to get a more personalized and immersive experience. What’s more, on-demand real estate apps can make visits to remote property possible. As a result, buyers can easily access the property from different remote places.

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  • Key Benefits of On-demand real estate app development services

On-demand real estate app can bring significant changes in the traditionally-run real estate business. Here are key features and benefits of on-demand real estate app.

Everything online
From real estate agents to buyers, and from sellers to tenants- an on-demand real estate app solution keeps everyone connected online. The app enables the agents and brokers to stay connected with prospective customers and realtors can register on the app for expanding the business. The app enables buyers and sellers to find customers online and agents can assist them more efficiently.

Direct communication
As a realtor, you can directly communicate with the customers and vice versa. You need no middlemen for promoting your business as the app acts as an online agent between your business and prospective customers. Though on-demand apps make agents more efficient and competitive, they can also eliminate the need for middlemen or brokers. Some apps have chatbots to establish a direct line of communication.

More efficiency
Like other on-demand apps, the on-demand real estate mobile app also save a lot of time and efforts while improving services. It enables all the parties concerned to communicate as and when they want and, as a result, the process of finding a buyer or a seller becomes rapid. It is fair to mention that a mobile app can transform the real estate industry with the help of on-demand technology and increases the real estate company’s efficiency.

Reduced cost
The real estate app can eliminate the need for middlemen or brokers by establishing a direct connection between buyers and sellers. Also, prospective customers can save expenses in visiting remote places because of an app. Furthermore, they do not need to pay excessive commissions to the brokers or mediators for their deals. An on-demand real estate application solution remains cost-effective over the period for both customers and realtors.

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The real estate app can simplify the buying and selling process. The on-demand concept in the real estate facilitates customers to check and find the right agents and homeowners for buying a property or take it on rent. The app makes their experience more interesting and hasslefree as they can get the property details on their fingertips.

From the viewpoint of sellers or homeowners, the on-demand real estate mobile app can help them get many prospective buyers or tenants rapidly and they can manage everything at their fingertips. The app remains useful for accomplishing the entire deal while staying in touch with the customers.

Less dependency
On-demand real estate app development services can enable you to reduce dependency on brokers, middlemen, and commission agents. In other words, a real estate mobile app can make the deals at a reasonable price by connecting both the parties directly. Interested persons can readily get access to the property and get a virtual visit within a few minutes with the help of feature-rich apps. The app also brings transparency as both homeowners and customers stay connected on the common platform until the property deal is done.

Digital process
An on-demand real estate mobile app promotes digitization of the entire process. From posting property to offer submission to accepting the deal, all the process can be automated with the help of an on-demand app. Sellers can upload their property information and buyers can get it instantly. Tenants can also find the right rental property at their fingertips and stay connected with the homeowners online.

Promotion of Space-as-a-Service
This is relatively a new approach and on-demand services can have a greater scope in spreading this approach in the near future. The Space-as-a-Service concept provides properties temporarily. People can get office space for a short-term with customized services and readymade infrastructure through this concept. An on-demand app can make it possible to find the right deal for renting a place or office for a short time. It can minimize people’s efforts to find such a property online and complete the complex process.

Competitive edge
The real estate sector is highly challenging and competitive. An on-demand app with desired features can give a competitive edge over other realtors, and you can establish an online network consists of buyers, sellers, and brokers to attract more people toward your app. You can hire real estate app developers to integrate the necessary features and functionality.

  • Challenges for On-demand app development company

1. Any time visit
The homeowners may dislike the concept of the stranger’s visit at their place at any time. It may cause inconvenience and discomfort for the owners who have put their property for sale. The mobile application development company can overcome this issue by integrating a ‘Schedule a Meeting’ feature into the on-demand real estate app.

2. Security concerns
Traditionally, a buyer or seller meets an agent to inform their requirements. Here the trust factor holds a key role between the buyer and seller or a homeowner and tenant. But, the on-demand real estate app either eliminates the requirement of agents or makes the scope of the in-person meeting of agents with buyers and sellers limited. In such a situation, both parties remain skeptical. The on-demand real estate app development company can add a feature of real-time chat and communication to strengthen the trust factor.

3. Agent verification
It is easy to register as agents or homeowners online that makes the identification of real and fake agents difficult. The mobile app development company can make the registration process more complex and ask for giving details like registration number, office address, and property details. Some on-demand real estate companies also provide a feedback option to buyers to enable them to share their experience with the agent or brokers. It helps new customers select the proper agents.

Parting Shot
The time is ripe for giving your business advantage of people’s ‘right now’ mentality. The on-demand economy can offer your real estate business an opportunity to connect with the customers directly while getting rid of middlemen. On-demand services can increase efficiency and save a lot of money and time in the real estate sector.

As a leading on-demand mobile app development company, Solution Analysts has accomplished various app development projects across different industry sectors. Our in-house team of mobile app developers can successfully address the business goals of your company to enable you to make the most of thriving on-demand economy.

If you want to know more about the importance of on-demand real estate mobile app development for your business, just send us an email to sales@solutionanalysts.com. Our experienced app developers will help you come up with a robust on-demand app for your real estate business irrespective of its size and scale.

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