What can Make Your Application Fail to Mark Presence in 2019

May 7th, 2019

What can Make Your Application Fail to Mark Presence in 2019


What is the use of investing a big chunk of money, time, and efforts in developing a business mobile app if it fails to take off? The app stores are thriving with a plethora of apps across various genres that tremendously increase the competition. On one hand, the prospective users have a variety of options to choose, and on the one hand, app developers and businesspersons find it difficult to deal with ever-changing app world.

An app-related report has revealed shocking information. Around 80 to 90% mobile apps are abandoned by the users after a single use. Also, as many as 77% of DAUs (Daily Active Users) lose interest in the average mobile app within the first three days of download. These revelations are sufficient to increase concerns of entrepreneurs. Though mobile app development services are designed to develop advanced apps, some hurdles can stop your app to become successful.

Today, the importance of business apps is increasing by leaps and bounds and many enterprises are keen to integrate mobile apps in their ecosystems. In such a competitive scenario, it is necessary for you to know top obstacles that can stop your app to become successful on the market. When you spend a lot of money and put extensive efforts in developing a customized business app, it is beneficial for you to know these silly yet significant mistakes.

Here are nine aspects that can fail your app on the market.

  • Failure in solving problems

The mobile app is primarily considered as a solution to the user’s problems. If the business app fails to address the issues of customers and employees, it is destined to fail. Also, you need to come up with an innovative idea and approach before opting for enterprise app development. These days, many companies hire mobile app developers to build robust apps and end in the app with common features. This can fail the app soon.

It is necessary to solve the user’s diverse pain points to make your app successful. Unlike games, business apps are meant to meet the user’s needs and making their life more comfortable.

  • High complexity

Complexity impacts not only on the mobile app development cost but also makes your app inconvenient for the users. Simple navigation with basic features can give your app an edge over other complicated counterparts. Here is a question- What can make your app a complex one? The answer is- features. Therefore, you need to integrate only those features that can be appreciated by your target audience.

Remember, people just hate to spend time learning or finding unnecessary features and stuff in the app. It is, therefore, advisable to know your target audience and market trends before adding features in the app.

  • Fail to target audience

While you opting for a business app development, two critical questions seek your attention.
• Which people are among the target audience and
• How to find the best mobile app development company
When you want to develop an app for your organization, you need to keep the end users in mind. It is the audience that can make or break the reputation of your mobile app. You need to come up with an idea that can grab the attention of target audience. Extensive research on market trends and the end user’s expectations can help get a user-friendly app. Summing up, your app should be able to connect your business with the audience.

  • Issue of app features

App features are like a double-edged sword. When you give more features in the app, your audience may get perplexed and switch to another app. If you give fewer features than necessary, chances are high that your audience finds the app insufficient to meet their needs. Therefore, your business app should have all the necessary features, and your app users should not find any feature irrelevant or useless.

It is advisable to keep the usefulness of features in focus rather than their number. For example, if you come up with an on-demand mobile app for your business, social media integration and support are necessary features. But, if your app is made for assisting the users to manage the schedule and daily activities, there is no need to put support feature.

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  • Wrong platform

The platform is important if you want to address the target audience in the right way. Let’s understand this with an example. You want to address US-based customers through a business app. Now, the US is a stronghold of Apple, so it is beneficial for you to go for iOS mobile app development services. Though Android OS has also got good penetration in the US market, iOS has still an upper hand over Android. Therefore, you should come up with an iOS app first to reach the maximum people.

Selection of a wrong platform is borrowing trouble because you may need to wait for a long time to get benefits from your app.

  • Avoidance of backend support

Backend is responsible for your app’s performance. It gives your app stability and makes it ready for the future. Be it an eCommerce domain or gaming genre, the backend support plays a crucial role in ensuring the app’s seamless performance. Your app should be capable of handling online traffic. Frequent crashes and bugs can ruin your app’s reputation and the app users tend to stay away from such apps. Thanks to cloud technology, your app can get better storage, support, and scalability. You can hire mobile app developers to get robust backend support.

  • Poor UX, unattractive UI

UI and UX are two deciding factors for your app’s success. Poor user experience can certainly lead your app users to uninstall your app. It is better to come up with an MVP and allow selected users to use your app initially. If they find your app unattractive and poorly built, you need to pay attention to their feedback and work on resolving the issues. Whether it is Android or iOS platform, rich user experience can take your app to the next level while increasing its popularity worldwide.

  • No focus on app promotion

App Store Optimization (ASO) campaign is designed to promote your app and get initial downloads for it. These downloads can help you understand the user’s approach toward your app and you may get valuable feedback regarding the look and feel of the app. You can create a buzz across various social media platforms to get the market ready for your mobile app. It can reduce additional marketing efforts after the launch. Here, you need to keep the check on whether your business app can fulfill the expectations of the users.

Negligence of app promotion is dangerous because intensifying competition across the app stores can throw any app out of court.

  • Ignoring feedback and suggestions

Finally, feedback and suggestions of the app users are highly important as you develop the app by keeping the end users in mind. Ignoring their views can be proven a big blunder and a major roadblock in your app’s success. It is better to listen to and resolve the user’s problems through an app. If you resolve the user’s issues quickly, your app can get a benefit of word of mouth marketing as well. When the app users or customers feel that they important to your business, they prefer to stay long with your company. It directly reflects in a high sales figure and an increasing number of loyal customers.

Concluding Remarks
That’s not all! Other aspects like app performance, market trends, extensive research, and budget can play a vital role in ensuring the app’s success. Top mobile application development company takes all these aspects into consideration while developing a feature-rich business app. You can have a high-quality app along with a focused marketing campaign to keep your business app away from any possible collapse on the market.

At Solution Analysts, we assist startups, SMEs, and large enterprises to grow amid increasing competition through a successful mobile app. Our experienced app developers can integrate advancements of futuristic technologies like IoT, AR, VR, and AI. Just send your business requirements at sales@solutionanalysts.com and our expert business consultants will contact you soon.

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