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Top Five Enterprise and Consumer Apps Trends That Will Revolutionize Device Interaction

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Technological evolution is an ongoing process and decade after decade enterprises and consumers have experienced its deep impact on the lifestyle. From desktops, laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets to wearable appliances, as the size of the device has altered to suit our needs, so has the functionalities improved.

Applications are the lifeblood of these smart devices and here we discuss five enterprise and consumer app trends that are stirring up a new kind of technological revolution.

1. Internet of ThingsInternet has broken the bounds of desktops and expanded to mobile devices including consumer goods, televisions and cars. The combination of data streams and services have led to identification of four basic data models – manage, monetize, operate and extend, which can be applied to any of the four internet – people, things, information and places. Application development for IoT will encompass creation of apps that will seamlessly integrate with the different platforms and devices.

2. Wearable TechnologyAlthough wearable technology made its foray in the market in the form of a watch for tracking health and fitness, with Apple’s iWatch, it is expected to go mainstream and create a new space for applications for this platform alone.

In fact, the iOS Swift, which is the new development tool for iOS applications, has been endowed with features for creating and migrating apps to the iWatch ecosystem. We have already developed around 10 applications for enterprise and consumer utility purposes.

3. Cloud Technology – Perpetuation of cloud technology will make it unnecessary to save any data on the device, making in-device storage space next to irrelevant. Majority of the mobile applications act only as a gateway to access stored in the cloud.

This is true’s especially in case of enterprise applications where all data is stored on a secure server and can be accessed remotely with appropriate credentials. The next phase is the push for personal cloud and multiple access points for the same.

4. Big Data – Cloud cannot be spoken of without Big Data, especially when we are considering enterprise applications. As data will be stored on the cloud, its relevance relies on easy access. Since data is no longer bound to the storage space on the device, the next step will be to free the analytical tools for easy access on mobility devices – leading to the emergence and growth of data access and analysis applications.

5. XaaSWith cloud and big data, it only makes sense to conclude this list with XaaS or Everything as a Service. With PaaS as its component, the Google App Engine allows end users to create, run, host, and in short, fully develop their own applications using Java, PHP, Python and Go.

Solution Analysts has been reading the growing trends with the advent of these new technologies. We are working out plans to tap these avenues for creating healthy applications that will surpass the bounds of devices and deliver maximum utility. To know more about our services, contact us.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy