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Top 5 Factors of New Android N & iOS 10

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Apple’s iOS 10 platform was unveiled at the WWDC, 2016 event as the face of its future devices. Around the same time, Android’s latest sweet offering, the Nougat is set to make its entry into the market. With a major faceoff in the outlay, we look at top 5 factors that pitch the two new systems against one another.

1. The access

Google’s new operating system version is released at a faster rate than Apple’s which causes delay in the perpetuation of the new system. In fact, there are instances where users skip over versions to the latest version and it is years before a single version reaches a significant number of Android users. A case in point is that the Android Marshmallow 6.0 version that was released in 2015 is still available on only 10% devices, while Apple’s iOS9 which was released in the same time is accessed on 86% devices.

2. The Applications

Google designs software that can be run on a range of operating systems while iOS apps are designed exclusively for the iOS system. This time, Apple has laid emphasis on third party app integration and is providing an app drawer on iMessage that can be used to provide custom animation and exchange money. Google’s Allo, on the other hand has clear predictive awareness, but will not perform all the tasks that iMessage does. Apple Photos will perform all the functions that Googl’e Photos app does, including creating ‘memories’ with background music. Google Maps remain more sophisticated than Apple Maps, though, for some countries Apple has added traffic information and alternative routes.

3. Cloud Sync

Google does much processing on cloud, while Apple on the device, largely thanks to the powerful processing power. Apple ensures greater privacy and information security since the information never leaves the user’s device. However, like Google, Apple also features information on lock screen and what user can do with the notification.

4. Wearable Devices

Both Google and Apple have pushed upgrades on their watch Oss, so we can look forward to Android Wear V2.0 and WatchOS V3.0. Apple’s Watch OS will have increment in speed and the apps will be able to upgrade in the background, a new SOS button will also be activated. Further new features include option to ‘scribble’ messages, a feature that is already available on Android Wear. Basically, Android Wear and WatchOS will offer the same features once the new updates are pushed.

5. Privacy Issues

Apple has an edge over Android in terms of privacy and security, and if you use all Apple products, then Android Phone will not help you use the Apple services to full potential. Especially with Apple’s SmartHome app and its SmartKit that enables user to use IoT enabled devices to manage the electronics of their home.
Other than this, both Android N and iOS 10 have very exciting new features to look out for and will fast forward users to the IoT applications age.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy