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Top 4 Ways to Use Mobile Platform for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Mobile Platform

As mobile solution permeates every aspect of consumer lifestyle, it is playing a prominent role in the marketers’ strategies for approaching end consumers. Internet backed by technological advances on mobile devices is presenting the number of tools for marketers by which they can capture market attention. IoT and smart devices are predominant in this arena around which most marketing strategies are being designed and executed. We look at 4 ways to use mobile platform for digital marketing.

Social Media Presence

Social media integration is imperative for m-commerce applications and e-commerce websites alike. Major ad spend happens on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Apart from direct customer reviews that are asked by prospective customers, many customers even present their reviews. Further, a lot of customers visit retailer website by viewing a product or service advertised on the social networking site. Liking the Product or business page on social media helps the company gain attraction and also tap into the new trend of purchases being made from social media websites.

QR Codes

Payment gateways are increasingly using QR codes for authorising cashless transactions at payment points in retail establishments. Users can make bill payments and even pay their taxi fares using technology such as NFC and QR code scanners built in the camera on the move. This facilitates the cashless and cardless transaction. Fast internet connectivity enables customers to load cash instantaneously into the payment gateways and make their payments. Aided by offers such as cash back and discounts marketers are able to promote their brands extensively.

Notifications for Promotions

Email marketing campaigns are being used extensively and with much success by marketers, especially since they are able to attach offer and promotion links to their emails or SMSes to the customer. Direct links, once clicked, redirects the customer to the mobile optimised page and with the ergonomic interface, a quick purchase can be made on the spot.


Location-based technology such as Beacons, Maps and GPS are being used on the commercial front to capture customer attention and send them targeted marketing messages that are highly personalised. These technologies can be used to for immediate results as customers attention can be captured the moment they enter the vicinity of the business.

As marketers worldwide have increased their ad spend on mobile platforms by over 100%, Solution Analysts mobile developers are working on finding innovative ways to help them capitalise on the prevailing opportunities in this domain.

We are developing solutions that enable marketers to interact with consumers at stages such as browsing, reviewing orders, making purchase and payment gateways through offers and direct ads.

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Secure : We'll ensure, all the information provided by you will not be shared with anyone and your details are completely safe.

We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy