A few months back Apple introduced a new enterprise mobile app development language Swift 2, and made it clear that the Swift is the future of iOS and OS X programming. An increasing number of developers and companies are adopting the language to port apps using Swift. Swift has the potential to become the effective programming language for creating immersive, responsive, consumer-facing enterprise applications.

Here we have stated 8 reasons to move ahead with the Swift to develop future enterprise applications.

Moving towards Contextual Apps:

The Enterprise IT departments benefit with streamlined device management and “Bring Your Own Device” BYOD strategies. In WWDC 2015 Apple’s announcements point towards an increasing reliance on data and machine learning to deliver contextual apps that offer productivity gains through pro-activity.

Full-featured language:

Swift is a more approachable full-featured programming language that will allow developers to uild all types of apps, including enterprise apps and embedded systems like the lower-power Apple Watch apps. While working on swift our developers have found that they write less code in Swift as compared to previous language.

Code is  self-documenting ,has compile-time safety mechanism for returning a value or no value , zero manual code synchronization and modern language features support them in keeping lines of code more readable.

Interactive Coding with instant feedback:

Swift has interactive tools for experienced programmers enabling them to write an algorithm while instantly obtaining feedback. In short, Swift has inherent feature for avoiding repetition, string manipulation, and other obstacles in fast coding practices.

Swift is faster:

Swift runs faster than other programming languages, since breaking away from the “limitations of C”. It compiles into native code via the LLVM compiler. Thus the case of aggressive optimizations can even get things running as fast as C.

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Unified with memory management:

Automatic and high-performance memory management was a problem with old languages but Apple has resolved this problem and has proven swift can increase productivity. Swift offers language support with automatic reference count (ARC) for procedural and OOP paths. Therefore, memory management is quick and without memory leakage.

Open source for Enterprise App Development:

After Microsoft .NET, Apple made the big announcement to make Swift open source. Open sourcing of core libraries expands developers’ capabilities to create contextual apps on the latest versions of iOS. Swift facilitates opportunities to create enterprise apps to drive employee productivity and to accelerate the enterprise performance.

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Dynamic libraries to reduce initial app size:

Usually enterprise apps are very big in size and take time to load. With the help of dynamic libraries the initial size of app can be reduced as it is directly uploaded in the memory. Dynamic libraries have never been supported on iOS until the launch of Swift and iOS 8. Switch from static libraries are already updated at major point releases (iOS 8, iOS 7, and so on), to dynamic libraries. This feature allows current Swift apps to link against newer versions of the Swift language as it evolves over time.

Swift is a future you can influence:

It provides the development community a direct way to influence a language that will be used to create enterprise apps and apps that support Apple Watch.

Let’s Conclude:

Swift aids iPhone developers in creating wearable devices applications such as Apple Watch to support enterprises in quick and cost-effective manner.

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