“Google has launched a new initiative to enable developers to capitalise on mobile apps and websites with ergonomic designs that are customer-centric.”

Google has launched a new portal to facilitate developers with expert advice on ways to design applications and web pages to ensure optimal performance on mobile devices. The aim is to enable mobile app development companies to capitalise on booming mobile market and aid end-users access information on the platform most convenient for them.
Think with Google – Micro-Moments

According to Google, consumers are seeking “real-time, intent-driven micro-moments” (Source:thinkwithgoogle.com). Each micro-moment creates an opportunity for decision-making regarding brands and defines our choices.

Working along with AnswerLab, a company that researches user experience and usability testing, Google conducted an extensive research to design the new platform for creating website designs and mobile applications which will deliver an exemplary mobile experience.

Tapping on Mobility

Mobile computing is central to Google’s business interest and the company has in the recent past undertaken a number of initiatives to perpetuate the importance of mobile computing amongst developers.

Some of the initiatives include better page ranking for mobile-friendly websites and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). With the new initiative, Google intends to meet dual goals of improving mobile user experience and driving conversion.

Brand Delivery

Google claims that with a personal computer in our pockets, people have become accustomed to expecting brands to deliver exactly what they want and immediately. As per some statistics revealed by Google

  • 69% leisure travellers browse travel ideas online in their idle time, like while commuting and half of them book their choices from separate channels.
  • 91% smartphone users seek information on their smartphones while in the middle of a separate task.
  • 82% check their phones for suitable products while standing in a store and one in ten buy a different product than what they had planned.
  • 69% online consumers frame their brand perception based on a relevance of company messages, quality and timing.

Capitalising on Smartphone

As people reflexively reach out for their smartphones for information and decision-making, it is essential for companies to ensure that they address the most common problems that arise during mobile computing.

The key issue that is targeted is real-time relevance and strategies, customer insights and examples have been provided to help developers capture the essence of the micro-moments in their applications and websites.

A desktop strategy cannot be replicated on the mobile platform as the pace of browsing and information usage is different. Google’s new design hub shows ways to optimally utilise and implement design skills to deliver the mobile user experience.

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