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Solution Analysts’ Take on Trends Shaping Mobile App Industry in 2018 and beyond

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As the technology advances by leaps and bounds, today’s tech trends quickly become obsolete to give ways to new ones. Integration of technological advancements becomes a new norm, and mobile app development domain is no exception! In such a situation, a leading mobile application development company’s viewpoint matters a lot to get an idea of the latest trends and how IT companies are ready to embrace the change.

Recently, a renowned online search platform for top global IT solutions provider, ITFirms has conducted an Experts’ Participation Survey. In this survey, ITFirms has taken opinions from experienced mobile app development solutions providers worldwide. A leading mobile application development company Solution Analysts is also featured in the survey. The company’s CEO Mr. Kalpesh Patel has given valuable insights on where the industry is headed and the future of mobile app development services in the survey.

Mr. Patel believes in using cutting-edge tools and technologies to address the client’s diverse business needs. For example, recently Solution Analysts has added a Blockchain technology in line with changing app project requirements. The company also utilizes the advancements to deliver result-focused solutions in a cost-effective way. As per Mr. Patel’s opinion, an agile approach and innovative attitude can take any IT solutions provider a long way.

Solution Analysts has gained fame for providing end-to-end IT solutions to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises globally. The company has so far delivered over 350 apps and 500+ tech solutions to the corporate clientele. Solution Analysts is known for embracing the futuristic technologies to bring and strengthen automation across various industry verticals. While offering the best-in-class mobile app development services, the company integrates IoT, iBeacons, and wearable technology to assist the clients in improving productivity and enhancing customer services.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy