Top Ways DevOps Revolutionizes the Cloud Infrastructure Automation

May 16th, 2022

Top Ways DevOps Revolutionizes the Cloud Infrastructure Automation

DevOps solutions bring agility to core business processes and reduce time to market significantly. Be it workload management or automated testing, DevOps can contribute to all the core processes of modern enterprises. It is fair to mention that DevOps can be a game-changer when combined with cloud technology. In this article, we are going to dig deep into the importance and benefits of DevOps on cloud infrastructure automation. 

But before moving forward, let’s have some quick stats on DevOps and cloud computing.

Interesting DevOps-Cloud Statistics

  1. Over 85 percent of organizations will integrate cloud computing into their business systems by 2025
  2. The DevOps market is expected to cross $8 billion by the end of 2022
  3. DevOps solutions can reduce time spent in handling support cases by 60 percent
  4. DevOps enables companies to spend 33 percent more time on improving infrastructure

It is fair to mention that DevOps and cloud can be a perfect match because all the delivery models based on this combination can offer excellent speed and agility to modern enterprises. Also, this combination can simplify operation-related complexities. Here are the top benefits of DevOps on cloud infrastructure. 

Big DevOps Benefits on Cloud Infrastructure

High Flexibility 

This is one of the most obvious benefits of integrating the cloud with DevOps. Many open-source, flexible tools and proprietary products can be useful for all aspects of application life processes. When it comes to capacity planning or expansion, DevOps makes a provision, and the cloud can make it happen for your enterprise. This is one of the reasons why DevOps is useful in the majority of cloud development projects. 

Effective Automation

The cloud can assist enterprises to embrace automation in processes. In other words, cloud computing can pave the way for a more reliable and robust system that can save time and effort to ensure faster deployment of products. DevOps teams can efficiently use the set of tools and perform various activities necessary for reducing time to market. While managing all CI/CD pipelines, report generation, testing, and debugging, DevOps teams can bring automation to cloud-based workflows. 

Enhanced Monitoring 

Let’s face it! If adequate monitoring procedures are not in place, it is a big headache for the company management to find issues. Here, DevOps solutions can lend a helping hand in the cloud. Be it monitoring or reporting, cloud providers always offer centralized toolsets and services. Cloud solutions have built-in notification functionality to help users identify issues in advance. As a result, you can take actions before these issues become unmanageable. 

DevOps integration in the cloud can enhance this process and you can take a proactive approach. Though it is necessary to set up alerts for different aspects, DevOps integration can facilitate enterprises to save money on resources and time while handling different issues effectively. 

Quicker Deployment

It is difficult to customize the cloud-based processes without DevOps. DevOps focuses on resolving all the issues related to cloud infrastructure with the latest tools and agile approach. DevOps teams can automate the whole process using the single-click build tools for making a customized logic. These tools can easily interact with cloud services and get the tasks done without committing any errors. 

Let’s take the example of Jenkins. This DevOps tool is useful for continuous integration (CI) and contributes to bringing automation to the cloud-powered environment. 

Continuous Delivery

DevOps can bring a positive shift in production cycles. When cross-department teams work on the cloud, they can ensure continuous delivery in the process with a reduced turnaround time. As a result, a new code can be released with ease and with fewer errors. Also, as cloud integration can reduce the data collection time significantly, DevOps teams can easily work on new products and ensure delivery on time. 

Better Resource Management

DevOps involves everyone and supports cross-department team formation to achieve a common goal. In such a scenario, it enables entrepreneurs to manage their resources more effectively. Though cloud solutions are robust and flexible to expand the capability of business operations, it has no role in resource management. Here, the DevOps approach can work wonders. Companies can easily manage resources with the DevOps concept and grab new opportunities by expanding operations using the cloud. 

Improved Orchestration

The word “orchestration” is somewhat different than automation. We can consider it a special way of automation. Orchestration offers complete coordination and control in automation while involving the entire hierarchy in the infrastructure. Various orchestration tools can work well in the DevOps environment while integrating into the cloud solutions. It is possible for enterprises to leverage the additional benefits of orchestration like automated server provisioning and auto-scaling. 

Concluding Lines

DevOps can break the barriers between development and operations and enhance the value of deliverables. It makes the cloud infrastructure capable of accelerating all the processes and methods by providing a holistic approach. As technology evolves, we will see both cloud and DevOps will go hand in hand. Better performance, automation, and a faster time to market are some of the major benefits of integrating DevOps with the cloud.  

Solution Analysts is a leading DevOps solutions provider. We combine the DevOps concept with the cloud to enable our global clientele to leverage the benefits of a centralized system for the development, testing, and deployment of products. Agility, rapid monitoring, and feedback system assist enterprises to improve the product’s quality.  We ensure that enterprises have a robust communication network with advanced technology across various departments.

Benefits of DevOps and Cloud-based Automation for Your Enterprise



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