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Product development has achieved new heights over the years. Advancements and sophistication in the processes have become a norm to address increasing competition and ever-changing market demands. These days, most companies tend to get rid of traditional hardware and legacy systems with the help of cloud and other emerging technologies. We also witness a paradigm shift in a way of development and operations of software. 

Traditionally, software companies handle development and operations of software separately whereas both these processes go hand in hand. It is because of a rapidly changing market trends and ever-changing expectations of people. In this blog, we are going to discuss the major benefits of cloud and DevOps combination. On one hand, DevOps and cloud-based delivery models offer agility, and on the other hand, they can reduce time to market. 

Let’s go through the major business benefits of converging DevOps with cloud. 

Benefits of Cloud and DevOps Combination for Enterprises

When cloud meets with DevOps, enterprises can get the benefits of both the worlds. From ensuring effective monitoring to automating various processes, the cloud and DevOps combination offers a range of benefits to organizations irrespective of industry sectors. 

Automation in Process

This is one of the biggest benefits of the cloud and DevOps combination. Enterprises can automate various process by leveraging cloud. As a result, the pace of automation increases and processes remain free from human errors. Such robust and reliable processes ultimately lead to reduced time to market (TTM). Cloud service providers offer various tools to manage digital infrastructure and modernize the existing IT system. Enterprises can bring automation in various processes including infrastructure provisioning and running test cases. 

Orchestration in Operations

The word “orchestration” is nothing but a specialized way of automation. It offers total control and coordination in automation while covering the entire hierarchy in the infrastructure. Orchestration tools are independent of any of the cloud providers as they have their predefined standards. Developers can easily integrate these tools with cloud-powered tools to get additional benefits including automated server provisioning and auto scaling. Orchestration can take operations to a new level and make execution quicker than that of traditional ones. 

Effective Monitoring

Cloud service providers promote centralization. Their services include monitoring, backup, acknowledgement, and backup services. But, some of these services are limited to email-based alerts. Here, DevOps can remain useful by triggering customized alarms and different alerts for any abnormal processes. Simply put, DevOps can increase the range of cloud-based services and cloud can expand the scope of DevOps-based services. Be it configuration or any other process, monitoring remains highly effective with the help of DevOps and cloud technologies. 

Server Advantage

Backup mechanism is one of the biggest advantages of the cloud services. DevOps can automate the process and the cloud servers can assist developers to restore the backup on a different environment. What will happen if you bring a great offer and expect an increase in traffic on your website without testing your applications for traffic spikes? The result will be poor user experience and loss in business. Here, load testing can play a vital role. Cloud facilitates this on a separate environment on a temporary basis. 

Quick Deployment  

Cloud service providers assist enterprises to deploy solutions rapidly. DevOps, on the other hand, can make customization of solutions easier. DevOps focuses on resolving issues related to infrastructure by utilizing the cutting-edge tools and building custom logic. Also, the whole process gets automated with the help of single click build tools that interact with the cloud-powered system and ensure error-free execution of tasks. Here, continuous integration tools like Jenkins and Bamboo are used that ensure minimum human intervention in different processes.  

Concluding Lines

The cloud technology has started contributing to streamlining various processes. As technology evolves, cloud and DevOps can be coupled with each other to enhance the performance of various software products. The combination is useful to automate key processes and improve the product quality with a faster time to market. 

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