Role of Enterprise Mobility in Making Businesses Successful

Jul 7th, 2022

Role of Enterprise Mobility in Making Businesses Successful

Technological advancement has helped people in countless ways. Today, if you want something, you can scour the internet, find the product and purchase it on the spot. Have an emergency report to check? Get on your phone, access the app, and check it right where you are. No need to be in your office.

Countless other examples prove technology has transformed the way we do things.

Enterprise mobility solutions are one of the chief advancements that have helped businesses enhance their technology game. Some might not have heard of it, but the EMM market is racing towards the massive $66.6 billion mark by 2026.

It goes without saying that the technology has the potential to change your business workflow. But how?

Let’s read ahead and find out!

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility is the concept via which the organization’s people can access the necessary information from a central location, which is usually a cloud. The shared data infrastructure of a business allows people to access it via their mobile device, laptop, tablet, desktop, etc.

Here is an example to understand enterprise mobility management!

With enterprise mobility management solutions, an organization or a business can allow its employees to work from anywhere. Moreover, employees can use their own devices to work, whether at home or the office. On top of all, they can also access data from any device.

This may raise questions in your mind about data security and privacy. No need to worry!

Some of the best enterprise mobility solutions on the web have top-notch security and encryption features. Tools like VMware AirWatch, Citrix Endpoint Management, Blackberry, and others even have access control options.

Administrators can use them to allow only certain users to access certain data.

What are the Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

As enterprise mobility solutions enable businesses to operate off-site, it has many benefits. Further, it opens a wide doorway of opportunities for corporates.

1. Boosts productivity

Consider this, an employee comes to the office, punches in, and follows an entire lengthy process seeking approvals from the manager before starting the work. In such a scenario, the employee’s productivity is going downstream but not with enterprise mobility.

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A mobile solution with all the necessary features can give an employee a great headstart as everything can be done on the phone. This leads to boosted productivity where a person gets the job done on time and reports are sent within seconds.

2. Faster content sharing

If you are in the middle of your work and want to share a file, adding it to the flash drive and then taking it to the person for viewing will take more than the required time. This is where enterprise mobility solutions excel.

An enterprise mobility tool like IBM, Citrix, and others allows the users to create and share files on the go. The file-sharing feature helps in promoting smooth workflow and obviously improves productivity in the long run.

3. Accurate data

If you are facing issues with unaccounted working hours, mismatch of revenue numbers, etc., an enterprise mobility solution is the way to go.

An enterprise mobility software gathers data like authenticated users, the number of devices connected, time tracking, etc., in one place. You can significantly reduce your time and effort spent on manual data analysis and data entry. Moreover, the data produced by the software is accurate to the last bit.

4. Data analysis on the go

Data is of no use if it is not used correctly. Hence, an enterprise mobility app on your phone can help you analyze data.

You can access real-time data and previously obtained data on your device and begin analysis anywhere and anytime.

5. Security

Suppose you are allowing your employees to work on their own devices. In that case, it is necessary to ensure they are protected from malware as the person will be accessing classified information from it.

Unlike asking them to install an antivirus on their machine, make them use your enterprise mobility solution, such as IBM Security MaaS360. This and many other solutions on the web have threat and malware protection which shields your company data from cyberattacks.

6. Cost Saving

One of the visible benefits that enterprise mobility trends provide businesses is cost savings. How?

If a person is working from a remote location using their device, they will not need in-office facilities. As these tools can enhance productivity, you can get more work done with fewer employees, indirectly influencing the cost.

On top of these benefits, enterprise mobility management solutions also offer:

  • Promotes effective partner participation
  • Better resource distribution
  • Enhances real-time collaboration

What are the various Enterprise Mobility Trends?

Trends are what keep the need for technology alive. Like others, enterprise mobility also has fresh trends that make businesses successful. Here are some of the most prominent ones!

  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • 5G networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Chatbots and AI assistants


Enterprise mobility takes the business off-site. Moreover, it allows businesses to be mobile. As per stats, around 47.8% of people say that business reasons are the drivers of mobile initiatives.

People tend to use mobile phones the most. Hence, it is surefire to be beneficial for business employees, managers, and owners alike. The entire hierarchy of an organization can benefit from enterprise mobility once integrated.

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