Enterprise spending on application development is expected to occupy 34% of priorities in 2015 and overall IT spending is expected to go up by 8 times of average budget. Taking a cue from these figures, the mobile developers’ community is concentrating more on enterprise apps, and not just B2C apps, but also B2B apps. In fact, a 16-20% rise has been observed over the last 6 months in enterprise app development.  The primary motivator is of course profits, but the new and exciting technologies are also firing the passion.

B2B Mobile Apps:

B2B mobile apps are used to conduct business between companies. They generally deal with discovery and transaction of business between enterprises. Even though the domain is still largely unexplored, and many businesses even feel B2B apps aren’t as viable as B2C apps, many new high-utility apps are being designed that deal with diverse business areas.

B2b App Utilities:

    1. Useful as marketing tools to connect the business to global markets and aids hyper localization by creating a channel between local marketers. So, by simply transacting with a local business, a complete market analysis can be made and products and services can be customized to meet local expectations.
    2. Real time interactions reduces time consumed, increases efficiency and delivers results
    3. For business events and shows, invitations can be disbursed using mobile apps. In fact, the entire show plan, maps, schedules and participants list can be shared on the app. Social networking site integration will help create a larger platform for the program’s success.
    4. Create digital newsletters to keep partners and stakeholders updated on the business activities.
    5. Communication apps can be used for secure interactions and sharing data on-the-go
    6. There is no limit to what can be done using mobile app development for promoting B2B transactions. For instance, the Contract Life-cycle Management app helps manage orders and contracts and facilitates better vendor management.

Broader Corporate Horizon:

With mobility solutions, the spectrum of corporate activities has broadened beyond the scope of the local markets at a very small cost. No doubt, the competition has increased, but the means to beat competition, or stay ahead in the race are also within reach. B2B mobile apps add value in the areas of sales, marketing, supply chain management and even where company functions outsourcing is concerned.

If your company wants to leverage the vast potentials of mobile applications for better B2B client management, we have a host of ideas that can be discussed and executed to suit your company’s requirements. If you have a need that you want to us to fulfil to improve B2B experience, we are here to execute it. Please contact us for taking the idea forward.

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