Nine Benefits of AI Integration in Mobile App Development Services

May 10th, 2019

Nine Benefits of AI Integration in Mobile App Development Services

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated every nook and cranny of the corporate sector. This emerging technology, together with ML and IoT, can transform various processes while opening new opportunities for modern businesses. AI chatbots, virtual assistance, and other AI-based applications are all set to bring automation in the company’s operations, and enable entrepreneurs to improve customer services.

We’re in 2019 and have already witnessed innovative business apps with excellent features for recent years. Mobile app development companies strive to integrate advancements of futuristic technologies to make high-end mobility solutions. There, AI remains their preferred choice for creating user-friendly business apps. AI-powered apps can bring automation in the processes and enable the companies to improve customer services.

Here are the top reasons why the top mobile application development company integrates AI advancements in a customized business app.

Enhance convenience

We live in a mobile-driven world. Tech-savvy app users want innovative features and sophisticated solutions to various requirements and challenges. Therefore, AI-based features in the app can be highly appreciated by app users. AI brings intelligence in the business apps and adds convenience. Soon, the app users get habituated to AI-based features and it can increase your app’s popularity significantly.

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are epitomes of popular applications that are empowered by AI functionality. Your business app with AI features can have a better chance to gain success in a short time than the apps without AI integration.

Make app sophisticated

Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground in the corporate world. It is one of the hot topics of debate for recent years, and entrepreneurs seem eager to make AI a part of their business processes. Sectors like healthcare, finance, and education have already started leveraging the benefits of AI. It is fair to mention that other sectors will also follow suit and become a part of the AI revolution.

In such a scenario, AI integration can make the business app more sophisticated and appealing for the users. AI is one of the technologies that worth investing in the year 2019 and beyond.

Add value

In today’s competitive environment, it is necessary for your business to stay ahead of the curve. Value addition can serve this objective effectively. AI integration can add value in your business processes through bringing automation. When AI-related features are integrated into the mobile apps, many complex operations get automated and businesses can get an advantage of enhanced brand value.

Let’s take an example of AI bots. Suppose, you want to address huge traffic on your app while serving the customers in humanlike approach on a 24/7 basis. There, AI bots can remain handy. They can readily resolve the generic queries in no time and offers real-time assistance.

Integrate data management

AI and ML work on the basis of data. You can hire mobile app developers to combine AI features with the database. You can also get AI-based revenue channels by utilizing a pile of data. In other words, AI technology not only brings automation but also open monetization opportunities for app owners. You can generate an additional source of revenue through ads and data monetization platform.

Though this concept is still in the nascent phase, you can utilize it for increasing the revenue. Data management can make it possible to increase revenue.

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Improve user experience

These days, users want to have a pleasant experience. The user experience can influence customer services. Mobile app development companies can integrate AI features in the business apps to provide a personalized experience to the users and help them accomplish their daily tasks. App users like apps that can assist them through reminding tasks and suggesting various options. For example, apps that can place an order or book the table on behalf of users are applauded.

In brief, the enhanced user experience of AI-based apps can help you get an edge over peers. Such AI-powered apps can boost your business by improving online reputation.

Smart decisions are possible

AI is a data-driven technology. It analyzes the user’s behavior to get better insights and assists enterprises to provide a rich and pleasant experience. Predictive analytics and analysis of various metrics can also remain handy for making informed decisions. You can make smart decisions regarding feature addition or deletion in the app and other enhancements on the basis of data analytics.

AI can also help you improve services by analyzing data regarding what your app users like or dislike the most in your app.

Increase ROI

It is true that the app development cost for AI apps is higher as compared to conventional business apps. But then, AI technology can give you a competitive edge over your peers with smart solutions. You can hire mobile app developers to integrate AI features in a cost-effective way and leverage the benefits of this emerging technology while making your app more user-friendly and intelligent.

Though you need to invest a sizeable amount initially, the AI-enabled business app can provide you handsome ROI over the period. You can readily promote your intelligent business app and boost brand reputation online.

Incorporate voice capability

We know the importance of AI for voice assistance. Your business app can offer voice-enabled services to users for performing various tasks. Voice capability of AI enables the app users to get rid of typing and the need of using fingertips. They can simply use their voice to give the app command and get the job completed. These days, the demand for apps with voice-based assistance is getting increased across various B2C business.

Integrate IoT

IoT app development gains ground these days. The reason is simple- the workplace is equipped with connected devices and servers, and entrepreneurs want to have complete control over this IoT network with just a few clicks. Now, AI can automate the controlling of the IoT network, and therefore, it is beneficial to integrate this technology in the IoT app.

Let’s understand how AI enhances the management and control of an existing IoT network. AI works on available data. Suppose, your workplace has a network of connected devices for ensuring uninterrupted electric supply. Now, IoT app development services can integrate an AI-based feature to control this network by automatically switching on and off the devices on a scheduled time. In a way, the IoT network gets automated.

Altogether, the integration of AI in a mobile app solution can give your business an edge over competitors. Though you may need to spend a small fortune in developing AI-based app, your business can get a higher ROI in the long run. You can also witness a steady rise in sales over the period with a feature-rich enterprise app with AI-related features.

Concluding Lines

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and getting mainstreamed rapidly across the industry sectors. Days are not far wherein companies of all sizes will make AI a part of their system to leverage its benefits. Summing up, AI has still a long way to go but early integration of AI features in the enterprise-grade mobile app can unleash the potential of this futuristic technology.

Focus on every detail and integration of technological advancements in enterprise mobile apps have made us a preferred developer in the USA and India. At Solution Analysts, we feel pride in delivering robust and scalable app solutions across various industry sectors worldwide.

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