Know Your App Performance and its Popularity Points with In-App Analytics

Feb 11th, 2016

Know Your App Performance and its Popularity Points with In-App Analytics

Google has extended its analytics wings to spread over mobile apps as well to ascertain their profitability and performance. The in-app analytics tool is highly effective in understanding the app performance and exactly pinpointing the areas where it is lagging. This helps developers to immediately fix the problem and ensure all gaps are covered in improving the app performance.

In-app Analytics Potential

Testimonials on Google’s mobile analytics web page scream of increased traffic, revenue and app performance after integrating the in-app analytics tool. Businesses are raving about the benefits of the tool for the mobile platform, and rightly so. Google enables you to measure different aspects of the application, through which developers can retain and improve upon areas where they are profiting and eliminate or redo the aspects that are lagging. For instance, in an eCommerce solution for mobile application, if customers are happy with the 3D images of products, then further improvements can be made in the form of on app trial for the customer to get a clearer idea.

Google In-app Analytics potential

For Android material app design solutions, it is organic to integrate the Google analytics tool; however, the in-app analytics is equally effective for iOS and ionic applications. The tool enables the business measure and realise the complete value of the application in every stage from app discovery to download. The tool comes with a complete set of measures to understand customer engagement, enhance customer retention and eliminate in-app wastages.

For app stores populated with white noise apps and incredible competition in every area, in-app analytics enables the business to maintain relevance and create a niche presence. It enables the app developer to understand the business aspect of running a successful application while perfecting the technical aspects.

How it works?

Google in-app analytics tool allows the data to be segregated, filtered and displayed to show what is relevant. Users can choose specific areas that they would like to observe app performance in and gain in-depth insight on the same. The analytics are mostly useful for making targeted marketing campaigns and making the application market-relevant. The standard categories as presented by Google include –

  • Acquisition Reporting
  • Audience Reporting
  • Cohorts Reporting
  • Conversion Reporting
  • Custom Reporting
  • Ecommerce Reporting
  • Reporting APIs

In conclusion

Google has proven its credibility for web analytics and as mobile applications are rapidly replacing web applications, for all domains, including eCommerce, it is a logical progression to create analytics for the applications. Currently, it offers the best results for measuring application performance.

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