How to Make Your App Ready for Global Market- Localization Tips Revealed

Nov 30th, 2018

How to Make Your App Ready for Global Market- Localization Tips Revealed


Smartphones rule the world. From Asia to America and Africa to Europe; people extensively use smart devices. The recent MobileInsurance study has shown that the smartphone user spends almost 90 minutes a day on their phone. This time spend is largely attributed to the customized apps. Thanks to technological advancements, mobile app development services have become more advanced than before to develop the next-gen apps.

But then, the growing competition makes it difficult for entrepreneurs like you to unleash the real potential of customized apps. There, localization can lend a helping hand. Here we give a few noteworthy tips to get the benefits of localization for your business apps.

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When it comes to giving your app a competitive edge, localization can assist you to explore new markets while enhancing your global footprint and attracting a number of customers.

You may wonder: what is the difference between localization and internationalization? Here, we’ll take this question first:

Difference between Localization and Internationalization

Basically, localization and internationalization are interchangeable terms, but they are not replaceable. Globalization is considered as a midway between localization and internationalization.

Localization in Mobile App Development

When we design and develop an app that can address the requirements of people where the app is going to launch. The app can meet and match linguistic, legal, and cultural needs of a particular region while attracting their people with their familiar look and feel.

It is easy to take the product or service to the global market with app localization. You can address the local audience at the global level without compromising the quality by localizing your business app.

Internationalization in Mobile App Development

You may take internationalization word literally. Actually, in mobile app development, internationalization means following a set of best practices to enable easy localization of the app. In other words, internationalized apps can be readily localized for optimum outcome.

You need to keep the focus on internationalization of your app to make it localized as and when necessary. This design and development practices will make your app ready to target a specific audience anywhere in the world.

Measures to be Taken to Avail App Localization

Globalization and internationalization of your app need your attention during the app development process. You need to keep your target audience in mind while building an app.

For example, if you want to target the Arabic audience, you should give app content in Arabic along with a Hijri calendar. If Americans are your target audience, you should provide advanced functionality and features like timezone, voice recognition, and the like.

You can do the research for determining the most suitable markets and geographies for your app before assigning your project to the mobile application development company.

Here we describe a few very important points for localizing your app and increase its downloads in the target market:

  • Mind Your App’s Metadata

Any titles, keywords, icons, videos, graphics, descriptions, and other content from the metadata of your app. You can utilize it to improve visibility and attract people toward your app.

All you need to provide a blend of right keywords with relevant visuals and texts to address specific countries and languages. In other words, you should provide the metadata in a way that local people can understand and correlate with your app.

Then comes the communication. It has a close relationship with the culture. You can connect with people through their language. An app that greets people in the Swahili language can attract African people the most. Hope this example will make things clear in your mind.

In brief, your business app should be adaptive to the culture and tradition of local regions to get success.

  • Care for App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is not only useful for increasing visibility of your app in the app store but also helpful in targeting the specific audience. ASO can show the app as a representative of your business to a particular group of people.

For example, if you are in the Health and Fitness business and want to come up with an app. Obviously, your target audience would be working-class and people in their thirties. An ASO campaign can help you address this audience through various strategies. It will show the reasons why your app is worth downloading to potential users.

ASO also makes your app ready for a particular geographical region. For example, if you want to address French people through your English language-based app, the ASO campaign can do it for you.

  • Hire Translators

Okay. We have just mentioned that your English-based app can attract French people also if things go right. You can either hire translators or outsource translation of your app to the French agency. Remember, human translators are better than the machine translation as they can understand and interpret the structure of sentences more easily than the machine. Also, human translators can better take care of the context and grammar.

Summing up, when you want to get the benefits of app localization, you need to put dedicated efforts in the entire app design and development process. It is necessary to pay attention to every step in coding, testing, designing, and marketing to make your app ready for the local ‘world’.

Here we reach an end of this blog. But before you leave, how about going through the following questionnaire?

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If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, just don’t waste your valuable time. Contact one of the best app development companies in USA and India, Solution Analysts.

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