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How Everyone’s Life is Influenced by IoT – 8 Real Life Examples

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Internet is wielding a great influence in every aspect of our day to day lives and has become the primary communication medium that connects people with one another and the future. Internet of Things (IoT) is a rising new wave in automation that will influence us in our business, resource management, and lifestyles with smart homes.

IoT is a network of multiple physical and electronic devices that communicate with another without any human interference. In the course of the communication, the devices have the capacity to make their own decisions and take pertinent actions. Hence, the name, Internet (connectivity) of Things (Devices).

Let’s check out some common examples where IoT is influencing everyone’s life:

Health: with IoT, the communication device will automatically push notifications for blood pressure, sugar level monitoring, reminders for medication etc. these activities can also be remotely monitored by the doctor.

Wearable: Pebble, the wearable device, device for monitoring workout sessions, sleep patterns, hearing aids, etc are dominating the wearable technology and the complete potential is yet untapped. Check out our Wearable Application Development offerings.

Smart Electricity: High-energy consuming household appliances will automatically adjust at optimal settings based on the daily usage to lower electricity bills.  Electronic devices at home will be able to sense when nobody is in the room and turn off automatically, reducing costs and saving energy resources.

Life saving notifications: Synchronizing the latest technology with environment as focus led to creation of advanced detection systems for earthquakes, fires and even systems for silent infiltrations such as pollution. People can get early notifications that play an important role in saving life. 

Smart Cities: Many developed countries has already implemented this concept and used IoT for executing the operations and functions. Government have installed roadside sensors that gather traffic data which analyzes traffic patterns, dynamically adjusting the traffic light operations to minimize and reduce traffic congestion. 

Spaceship Automation:  When you fly, most of the trip is administrated by the plane’s auto pilot (device) and not the human pilot. NASA sent so many robots (Again a device) to other planets to explore what is hidden in the universe.  These are the space automation examples which are part of “Internet of Things. 

Monitoring your children or pets::Through Smartphone’s, parents can monitor their children’s activities, like whether they reached school, class attendance, their current location etc. Children can send notification to parents when there is something abnormal or unsafe. In the same way pet monitoring systems will allow you to monitor your pet’s activity and behavior from afar.

Retail Store: Automation in retail stores by enabling iBeacons application, gives customers a new way of searching their items and availing special offers. Stores owners also benefit by having push reminders to add items if any items are out of stock. The store manager can analyze customer’s choices, trends, their interest by having the specific data driven by the customers. iBeacon Applications is also an example of emerging “Internet of Things”. We have already applied this technology and have developed projects based on BLE check out: Smart Health Watch.

All the above examples show how everyone’s life is already influenced by “Internet of Things” in a very positive way. 

If you need more information and want to get IoT services you can visit our Internet of Things Services offerings.

Do you have an example of how the Internet of Things is influencing your life in positive way? Let us hear about it, drop a comment or contact us. We would love to hear from you and share your thoughts.


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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy