How to Build a Mobility Strategy that Takes Your Business to the Next Level

Jul 21st, 2022

How to Build a Mobility Strategy that Takes Your Business to the Next Level

With the portability of the internet, mobile applications have started dominating websites. Having a mobile application is not only essential for consumers but also for employees. This would provide a better link for important communications in your business.

The demand for better mobility has been rising with the entry of Generation Z into the workforce. According to McKinsey, enterprise mobility is bound to shape the future of IT in business. This is an opportunity that driven CIOs must not miss out on.

Per reports, the current market value for enterprise mobility solutions of $19.65 billion is expected to reach $151.51 billion in just five years. However, not all businesses will be able to cash in on this chance. The difference in fundamental planning of the mobility strategy will be a key figure in determining its success.

Before discovering what makes an enterprise mobility strategy effective, let’s take a moment to learn about these strategies and their benefits.

What is an Enterprise Mobility Strategy?

An Enterprise Mobility Strategy (EMS) is a strategy that’s meant to incorporate mobile devices into an organization’s everyday processes. It is made to combat cyber threats, costs, and governance challenges.

With an effective EMS, an organization can successfully transition from a web-based system to a mobile-based one.

It is meant to increase productivity in a world where your customers are always connected. Here are some of the benefits of enterprise mobility solutions you can experience by going mobile.

  • Work-from-Home Productivity With enterprise mobility, your employees will always have access to their work applications. This will enable them to remotely perform urgent tasks without needing broadband or a computer.
  • Instant Communication – Mobile assets will let your employees consistently stay in touch. This will remove the dependency on email for urgent communications.
  • Personalized Service – While keeping privacy in mind, customer data from mobile applications can help businesses customize services. This is a revolutionary move for the service industry. A great example is the healthcare industry, where doctors can track progress via wearable devices.
  • Boost Brand Loyalty – Giving a whole new platform for your customers to reach you in their time of need is a game-changing move. It will boost their loyalty towards your brand over the competition.

While the benefits of implementing an EMS are plenty, it is not an easy road to follow. The following challenges are a primary concern for most IT managers.

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Cybersecurity is already difficult to ensure, and mobile devices increase the risk of compromising data integrity. Nearly half of the surveyed CIOs have reported this as their primary concern for enterprise mobility.

However, there are methods to overcome these challenges. One of the most used methods is limiting the number of business applications employees can install on their mobile devices. In addition, organizations with a larger mobility budget can provide employees with official mobile devices.


Cost is a concern for mobility since it is an evolving technology. You may see its benefit as an IT manager, but the shareholders may not hold the same view. Considering the cost of various services and applications required for mobility, you may be looking at an upwards of $600 per device.

Costs can be minimized by allowing employees to use their own devices. However, this does tend to bring back security concerns.

What Makes an Enterprise Mobility Strategy Effective?

Planning an enterprise mobility strategy can be performed in the following steps:

1. Define Goals

The goals of your EMS should be in sync with your digital strategy. They should target only your mobility needs, not your overall technology needs.

Moreover, your business goals, employee goals, and customer goals must be balanced in priority.

2. Research the Competition

Analyzing your competition will inform you how they use mobility to solve problems. This will help you predict what works and what doesn’t, thereby reducing the overall risk.

3. Redefine Goals

Once you have completed competitor research, you should have enough data to make concrete goals. Begin with redefining your existing mobility goals. Then you can add any new goals that may seem necessary.

4. Research Available Technologies

Developing mobile applications requires the use of various technologies. You can choose to make native apps with technologies such as Flutter or go the web app route. In either case, researching the technologies will help you realize which ones are more compatible with your goals.

5. Plan Implementation

Planning the delivery of your mobility services is essential. It will give your development team a fixed schedule for bug fixes and feature addition. It will also help your customers know when to expect improvements.

6. Define Security Features

It is crucial to define security features in the strategy itself. This will help prevent security from being sidelined in favor of feature additions. Governance is another aspect that should be addressed in this stage.


Developing an effective Enterprise Mobility Strategy will help organizations succeed in the transition to mobile devices. This will significantly increase the ROI for your business. In addition, looking into the latest enterprise mobility trends will help your business make informed decisions while strategizing.

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