Digital Restaurant Management Systems/Softwares

Oct 4th, 2017

Digital Restaurant Management Systems/Softwares

Too much data generated from a large number of users becomes a major issue for big restaurant chains. This is what our systems solve. Not only this, our management systems enable functions, which are much more efficient as well as faster than manual operations.

Softwares work upon the major demands, which brings out the time-factor of your businesses effectively, as well as g’enerates profitable scale (Up to 2 x) of normal situations.

What does the system do?

Managing all franchises and chains in a single place:

Our systems are tailored for both small scaled as well as large scaled businesses. If there are multiple restaurants to be looked after, we integrate all of them in one place, well suited for your ease of access, without compromising on functionality at all.

You can administer all franchises under one place. The dashboard view enables to view real time data and continuously monitor it, easily.

Intelligent inventory and stock management:

With continuous and accurate monitoring over stock available, you need not worry anymore about sudden demands of stock or storage issues. There will be no discrepancies regarding stock availability Also, initiating stock transfer will not be a hassle, as the systems immediately notify about low stocks.

Tablet Menu:

With paper menu’s getting outdated, our tablet menu app is designed to work on both iOS as well as Android tablets, to elevate the customer’s dining experience. An interactive UI design which contains high-resolution quality pictures and description would make it easy for the customers to select the dine-in menu.

Third party software and hardware integration:

Our systems allow umpteen third party software to be integrated into it. Caller ID, biometric devices, Point of Sale peripherals, financial accounting software, credit card servers, payment gateways and much more.

Mobile App for Reports:

With a lot of user data and consumer reports to be generated, the mobile app, which works on all environments, is tailored to provide reports in the form of graphs on each and every aspect of the business like sales, stocks, orders to be delivered and many other functions. Sales charts, cashier reports, transaction review, outlet summary reports – all will be instantly generated within the application

With each and every operation of the entire chain getting automated, your worries about effective management is eliminated. The digital restaurant management systems come with softwares designed that replicate the entire manual chain of operations in a much easier and algorithmic way.

Aligned to the needs of the user, the systems cater to each and every demand of the customer as well as the restaurant chain. Added to that, it analyses and provides constant insights into the current state of operations, customer satisfaction using an enhanced rating system as well as delivers accurate outputs for further consideration.

Why does it stand out?


With no manual intervention needed at all, each of the operations in the chain is faster. From a business perspective, faster operations imply more orders as the customers are served much more faster and can check out easily, due to automated ordering as well as billing systems.


Being faster is not the only demand, being efficient also is. Therefore, our systems integrate servers which are able to handle lots of data as well as accurately perform the tasks at each stage of operation, given that a single error might disrupt the entire system.

Customer loyalty:

Customers get to order easily, choose in a much better way. Added to that, they can see the description of the items which helps them to analyse better. Billing being much faster, the customers are much more satisfied, and hence consumer loyalty is increased effectively.

Standing apart from all manual scale of management, our digital restaurant management systems empower you to organise, generate and elevate your business to a higher level of proficiency, penetration, by enabling tasks to be performed in a flow.

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