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Customization & Personalization of Internet of Things

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Internet of Things (IoT) is causing ripples in the tech world with its unbounded opportunities, but for the everyday consumer, it is still a fancy for the rich that holds little relevance to their daily activities. All the data garnered from activity trackers, smart watches and sneakers may have an immense impact on enabling people a healthier lifestyle, but very few users find the benefits compelling enough to invest in these.

Personalization Experience with IoT

Quite a few innovations have happened in the past where smart updates were made more as a fancy than to serve any real purpose. Businesses are now adopting a more strategic approach by pushing forth real benefits that can be accrued by adopting the new technology. For instance, the beacon technology is being used in events to push notifications and updates to prospective customer’s smartphone, to guide them to make effective purchases.

Real IoT Experience

It is essential to make users understand the real benefit they derive from an IoT device in order for them to understand the impact it has on their lifestyle. For instance, the Connected Scale by Apple in itself just displays their weight, just like any other scale. However, synced with the numerous wellness apps on App Store it will analyse the user’s home air quality, recommend fitness regime and create a diet plan and wellness chart. Further, all this data can be accessed even when travelling via the iCloud. This data can be viewed on one’s iPhone, iPad or even the iWatch and thus the user can stick to their regime and achieve their wellness target.

Smart Homes and Smart Workstations

The concept of smart home is built around these technologies and is very easily accessible to people via simple choices they make in their purchases. For instance, instead of a regular refrigerator from a reputed company they pick a smart refrigerator, user can access artificial intelligence features whereby the refrigerator will adjust cooling based on the items stored in it, it will send push notification to user device in the form of reminders on products that have to be purchased, expiry dates etc.

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Even in offices, using smart appliances will ensure auto-management of heating/ cooling or lighting. By detecting human presence, all electronic devices within the offices will function accordingly. Connected devices will play an intrinsic role in how we carry about the tasks, mundane and intricate ones.

We design IoT experiences that will act as an extension, a third arm, for the user in speeding tasks or simplifying activities. Our team is constantly researching new IoT technologies and systems which can be fine-tuned to create a personalised experience for the user.

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Secure : We'll ensure, all the information provided by you will not be shared with anyone and your details are completely safe.

We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy