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Corcel Laravel WordPress API to Create Dynamic Web Applications

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WordPress is the most preferred platform for web development because of its simplicity, agility, and dynamic applications. We look at Corcel Laravel WordPress API application in creating dynamic web application development.

WordPress is used by more than half the web applications and websites worldwide because of its simplicity in operation comfortable admin for site management. In certain cases, developers use a different platform for building the site for multiple uses such as content management, managing menus or multimedia among other things. Often, WordPress is used as admin and Laravel for the frontend.

This is where WordPress Corcel Steps in

WordPress Corcel uses Laravel Eloquent models to make using WordPress easier. It manages retrieving content directly from the WordPress database and once it is installed, developer can continue to use the familiar syntax –

// All published posts
$posts = Post::published()->get();
$posts = Post::status(‘publish’)->get();
// A specific post
$post = Post::find(31);

This includes posts, post types, taxonomies, pages, attachments and categories.

PHP and Corcel

WordPress Corcel enables WordPress developers to take advantage of recent PHP updates that can’t be used on WordPress platform by using it with any other favored platform, most popularly, Laravel. With Corcel, WordPress database, fields, post types, crops and other elements can be accessed quickly, making the web application or website the ideal combination of frontend user experience and backend stability. To use Corcel, the developer first creates a Corcel skeleton using Laravel, and then WordPress is installed with the Corcel Composer.

WordPressto Laravel

WordPresstoLaravel syncs data from the WordPress backend via the Laravel Scheduler and data is automatically downloaded and post data is imported into the local database. The developer is in complete control of the models, views, and controllers that are integrated with the database. An underlying advantage of this system is any WordPress upgrades, assets CDN and content can be added via the mobile or desktop app or website.

What more can be done?

Though the system is largely restricted to posting data, WP Eloquent package can be used as a wrapper for WordPress database tables. It includes models for comments, posts; post Meta, user and user Meta. The developer can also use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and custom model and custom posts.

Corcel can be used with any PHP framework to use the complete WordPress administration panel data using custom routes, models, views, and controllers. There are other integrators beside Corcel such as WordPlate, Lumen or setting up Laravel API with WordPress backend.

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We work with PHP-based platforms regularly for our web development projects and Corcel WordPress is convenient when the project has complex front-end and back-end requirement.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy