Concrete Advantage- How Construction Business App Impacts Your Business

Mar 12th, 2019

Concrete Advantage- How Construction Business App Impacts Your Business


The mobile technology has covered almost all the business sectors globally, and the construction sector is no exception. In a survey conducted among over 600 participants associated with the construction, almost 80% have prioritized mobile technology. From monitoring and managing the entire process to meeting the project deadlines a customized mobile app can help the construction business in various ways.

Construction mobile apps aimed at simplifying processes of a booming construction sector. For example, it is easy to calculate the amount of concrete to avoid cracking with the help of an app. Emerging technologies like AR and VR can also be integrated into the construction app to develop and demonstrate the structure virtually. In brief, these apps can streamline the processes and assist the builders to manage all the activities on the move.

Here we have listed eight advantages of a construction app development services for your business.

  • Enhance efficiency

Transparency and operational efficiency are keys to success for the construction sector. Customized mobile apps can enable the company to monitor, schedule, and authorize the process. Also, as a quick and effective channel of real-time communication, mobile delivery apps can assist the contractors to establish an effective supplier management process. The mobile app can help companies to come up with paperless processes.

The mobile app also defines accountability of various stakeholders and staff of the construction firm. For example, during a highway project, the supervisors can provide real-time approvals for the next level immediately after the completion of the first level. Altogether, the project management efficiency is enhanced and a lot of time is saved.

  • Maintain safety levels

The construction sector is among the few industry sectors that need to focus on safety compliance. It is because the injury rate for this section is higher than the average rate among various industries. Now, supervisors and managers can readily track the job-training sessions and focus on the worker’s safety with the help of a customized construction app. The app also makes it easy for construction companies to follow regulatory compliance.

What’s more, the immediate reporting of safety-related issues, mishaps, injuries, and apparent risks for the workers is possible through apps. It further strengthens the compliance and bolsters the security of the business. GPS feature of the app facilitates the management to inspect security and compliance inspection. In a way, construction apps can maintain safety levels.

  • Improve communication

The real-time communication can simplify the processes of the construction industry. The tailored construction mobile apps can act as a bridge between the project managers, supervisors, owners, and workers. It improves communication and keeps all the aspects in sync. It further makes the relationship between the stakeholders better and brings transparency. Every stakeholder believes that they are a part of the entire process.

Improved and real-time communication also enhances visibility. It also saves time on the decision and getting directions. All you need to hire construction app developers to integrate the advanced communication features in the app.

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  • Address deadline

A Global Construction Survey by KPMG has revealed that around 77% of contractors use mobile technology to complete their projects on time. A construction company has a huge team working on the construction site. The cloud-based construction mobile app enables the management to monitor the progress and direct the staff accordingly to meet the deadlines.

At times, a manager oversees multiple sites and directs teams to complete the work on time. Now, the construction app can simplify the job of a construction manager. It comes with inbuilt cloud-based project management tools to enable the managers to review the ongoing process. They can also get real-time information to reduce unnecessary delay due to having accurate data.

One of the biggest challenges faced by construction companies is the rework. It is also a major cause of delaying the project. Here the technologies like VR and AR can work wonders. You can readily build 2D and 3D models using the app’s VR-based features and rendering tools. It is possible to detect the possible issues in the structure by having a virtual tour and save valuable time.

  • Increase productivity

An official report has mentioned that a construction worker’s 70% time is wasted in trivial tasks like cleaning, transporting and handling the construction material, and the like. The real estate app development company can resolve this issue and facilitate the supervisors to optimize the process while allocating the resources to more productive areas. In a way, the construction firm’s productivity is increased.

As mentioned above, the construction apps promote sync between the construction instrument and management process. The futuristic IoT technology can be integrated into the app to keep track of all the processes from a single platform. Also, the construction apps can make companies ready to integrate technological advancements to meet future requirements effectively.

  • Offer Analytics

In today’s competitive and challenging business scenario, no entrepreneur can deny the growing importance of business intelligence and big data. Now, robust construction apps can integrate the features of these next-gen technologies for offering real-time analytics. It enables the construction company to get rid of making reports and other paperwork on a daily basis. All the teams can get access to the analytics. As a result, the processes can be completed swiftly.

The real-time analytics can keep the managers updated about any issues and the spending on the project to date. It can also make possible to monitor various teams’ performances. Also, it is easy to predict the future course of the operational course thanks to the data analytics. The managers and builders can make informed decisions on the basis of analytics.

  • Provide checklists

Any project work needs checklists for start-up and closing. Do you know that you can also develop a checklist app? It includes photos of the completed task along with the digital signatures of the client. From filling up the form to submit it to the respective department, the app can handle every aspect efficiently. Also, the cloud-based apps enable you to store and share the checklist as and when necessary.

Along with this, the app enables the company to make the payment process seamless by generating quick invoices instantly. The mobile app can also send invoices immediately to the billing system with the help of cloud technology.

  • Promote collaboration

The construction sector deals with the mobile workforce. It is difficult to track their activities on a daily and hourly basis. The traditional time card method just falls short to manage this issue. There, the mobile app with the desired features can come handy for the construction sector. It eliminates the requirements of time sheets, time card, and other documents. It promotes collaboration by establishing a transparent process between the management and workers.

The information sharing facility and effective communication also enhance collaboration in the workplace. The mobile app for the construction business offers both these benefits to your business. Altogether,

It is fair to mention that a construction business app can make the life of contractors, supervisors, project managers, and field workers. Your construction firm can adopt digitization and leverage the benefits of mobility with a custom app.

Development Cost of Construction Mobile App
Like other mobile apps across different genres, the construction app development cost is based on mainly on features and duration. For example, if you want an app with complex and interrelated features, it takes more time to develop and testing. Therefore, it costs higher as compared to the basic app with necessary features.

Another factor is hourly rate of the developers. For example, the American app developers charge around $150 dollars an hour whereas the Indian developers take between $15 to $80 an hour. There is a vast difference in the app development cost in the USA and India is largely attributed to a wide gap of per hour rate.

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Wrapping Up
Today, many construction companies have recognized the importance of mobile apps worldwide. A feature-rich construction mobile app can save you a lot of time and efforts. The app can also integrate the futuristic technologies like AR, VR, and IoT that can excel your construction business.

If you have still some doubts regarding a customized mobile app for your business, or if you want to get a quote for developing a mobile app, you can consult the reputed app development company in India.

Like any other businesses under the sun, your construction business also deserves the mobility advantage. If you believe this, just connect with us at

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