Key Benefits of DevOps in Enterprise Mobility You Need to Know

Jul 28th, 2022

Key Benefits of DevOps in Enterprise Mobility You Need to Know

Mobile DevOps is about creating a synchronized and efficient system for mobile application development, deployment, and monitoring its release. Mobile DevOps has to be more precise and efficient than DevOps.

This is because, in mobile app development, we are not just sending the application into a fixed slot for testing and analysis. 

Rather, mobile development is more complex and precision-oriented than web development. Hence, Mobile DevOps is required to provide the best possible access to analysis testing of the built solution. 

So DevOps here relates to the exercise of combining people, processes, and products to deliver consistent value continuously. And this extends to the phase beyond development. You are not just using DevOps for the initial launch. But it extends further into the delivery of updates and enhancements.

DevOps for Mobile App Development

Mobile DevOps closely relates to automating the development tasks with a befitting methodology applicable to several work processes. Any company that provides enterprise mobility solutions, including mobile app development, would want to see continuous improvement in two things;

  • Speed of delivery
  • Quality of output

As a result, the speed of release must increase without compromising the quality of the output. Mobile applications are frequently updated. Right from the bug fixes to performance enhancements and major updates, everything must be aligned seamlessly to ensure consistency in user experience. 

In addition to this, here are some benefits of harnessing mobile DevOps for mobility.

  • Helps Create Better Applications: With DevOps, creating mobile applications is better than ever. It provides developers with several pros like constant reporting, feedback, clean development procedures, and regression testing, which leads to quicker solutions. 

More importantly, for effective user experience, DevOps proves to be a pivotal tool. It helps optimize UI and UX, which is essential for providing a memorable user experience. 

  • Testing and Monitoring Mobile Applications Continuously: Another benefit of mobile DevOps is creating an effective testing environment. In a testing environment, the mobile applications can work properly. However, after the launch, they might run into issues reducing the user experience. 

Several issues can cause an application to fail or run into performance issues. These issues can lead to a bad user experience. A mobile DevOps system can help monitor the applications continuously, creating third-party SDKs, crash reports, and log reports, while discovering other reasons behind its failure or crash. 

  • Reduces Time to Release

Reducing the time to market an application includes team collaboration and streamlining the processes. When development teams and people come together, there is better communication, effective information sharing, and smooth handoffs.

All this shortens the time required for developing the application. Plus, with enterprise mobile application development, developers can run multiple iterations. When multiple updates, additions, and bug fixes need to be constantly delivered via diverse teams, a DevOps strategy can help manage these cross-functional teams. 

  • Maintain Software Quality and Output

Another key benefit of using Mobile DevOps is maintaining the process quality and output according to the desired parameters. DevOps can help monitor all aspects of code from start to finish and help with corrections. 

DevOps can help integrate performance improvements, view ratings, and process feedback to further improve the development quality and output. Essentially, DevOps is one of the rising enterprise mobility trends and enables developers to maintain the application quality while ensuring constant collaboration. 

Best Tools for Mobile DevOps

By removing the added load from developers, mobile DevOps made it simpler for them to design a mobile application. And this is possible by executing this methodology along with the right tool whose primary focus is on integration, product development, and testing to develop a perfect app.

As important as the DevOps process is, the tools you can use for its deployment are also pivotal to success. 

There are many best tools for mobile DevOps that are obtainable such as Bitrise, CircleCI, CodeMagic, AppCircle, and many more.

7 Steps to Efficiently Use Mobile DevOps

Code: Working with continuous integration systems, code development and reviews are executed with an agile methodology. In a mobile DevOps environment, CI systems identify the code flaws at the early levels and the compatibility of different development environments.

Build: By using the required branching strategies, enterprise mobility solutions are executed by the development team. In this stage, the developers also merge the code and notify others about the build status.

Test: Testing is automated in this phase of DevOps implementation, where every build and regression is continuously tested throughout the development lifecycle. Here, the code undergoes early testing and analysis to ensure a seamless flow and results.

Package: Packaging in mobile DevOps is meant to package binaries created during the initial stages in Build. As binaries include code scripts and configuration files. Integrating these files is essential to facilitate a flow for mobile DevOps automating the steps from deployment to production and QA.

Release: Here, the developers create an automated system ensuring continuous release and helping with deploying an application from development to the production phase. On a larger scale, this helps with producing bespoke capabilities and delivering complex & large-sized releases.

Configure: The configure part defines how configurations and operations teams can get involved with the development phase. With the help of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) systems, developers bring transparency to the configuration to the processing bringing higher visibility.

Monitor: The continuous monitoring system provides effective data and information to the development environment enabling developers to access valid data about the development process. From the process involved in the development exercise to the processes, continuous monitoring enhances the outcome manifold. 


Mobile DevOps is a key representative in the enterprise mobile solutions helping developers work seamlessly and efficiently with other development teams and processes. From choosing the right tools to integrating efficient processes, mobile DevOps is crucial for businesses in the modern world. 

However, implementing DevOps strategies and systems requires expert guidance and experience. Ensure that you are working with the right people and professionals to integrate mobile DevOps into your business environment. 

Solution Analysts is a leading enterprise mobile app development company. We offer feature-rich and future-ready enterprise mobility solutions to modern enterprises by integrating DevOps and other technological advancements. We assist companies to grow using advanced IT solutions.

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