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Android M- A Glimpse into Its Promising New Features

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As it goes with all Android updates, this one’s sweet too – The Android Version 6.0 Marshmallow is here amidst much fanfare and hoopla. Google has outdone itself with what it describes as “spot-on answers, fast and smartest shortcuts”. This news coming closely in the heels of the Material Design SDK, jointly welcomes a new era in mobility solutions which opens a whole new vista of digitization on the mobile platform.

The prominent features:

Google declared six major features that users should look forward in Android M –

App permissions:

With Android M, app permissions are now entirely in the users hands and they can accept or deny individual permissions. Permissions will be asked at the time when the app is used the first time and not at the time of installation. The user will have greater control on what information the apps may access, and permission grants can be modified on Settings.

Smarter battery:

The new function Doze improves device standby time so that you do not run out of charge at an inconvenient time. Using the device motion detectors, Android will identify times when the device hasn’t been interacted with and reduce background processes. Android M supports USB Type-C , providing faster charging and allows other devices to be charged with their phone.

Fingerprint Scanner:

You can have your won min-biometric scanner to unlock your device with fingerprint scanners on phones running on Android 6.0. The scanner can be used to unlock the device, shopping in stores and to make payments for app on play Store. With full support from Android, it won’t be too long before devices with fingerprint scanner come into the market.

Chrome Custom tabs:

Chrome Custom Tabs will allow apps to open customized Chrome window on top off active apps tpo provide a faster and more intuitive user-experience. It will support, auto-sigin, autofill, saved passwords and other security features. This means app developers can build their own web browsers.

Android Pay:

Google’s latest mobile payments system, compatible with devices having NFC capabilities, Android Pay makes checkout faster and easier. The platform is being supported by American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Currently, it is being supported by more than 700,000 stores across the USA.

App Links:

App Links on Android M lets the system know which app content can be opened directly so that users do not have to be asked every time on what browser they would like to access the link. For instance, an emailed link for Facebook, will be opened directly on Facebook rather than ask you if you want to view it on the web or on Facebook app.

We are excited as ever with this latest platform update and are looking forward to doing some great mobile app development that will exploit these new features to the hilt. Get in touch if you have any ideas to share or want some app development work done.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy