Android App Development Cost – How Your Business Gets More from Android OS

Aug 24th, 2018

Android App Development Cost – How Your Business Gets More from Android OS


If you think that Android OS dominates in Asia, Australia, and Africa, then here is an interesting fact: the United States has over 107.7 million smartphone owners who use Android. Also, Android is expected to maintain its top position with about 85 percent of all smartphones shipments globally in the year 2020. These stats are sufficient to justify the growing popularity of Android platform worldwide.

The corporate sector wants to integrate this OS in their system to get the advantage from its popularity. Industrialists bank on enterprise Android apps for simplifying complex business processes and improving customer services. Also, when it comes to on-demand app development, the Android platform remains a preferred choice because of its versatility and ability to reach a huge audience globally.

Let’s go through the major business benefits of a tailored Android app:

Key Benefits of Android App for Your Business

  • Return on Investment (RoI) :

Android app development services are cost-effective and give the opportunity to address a huge audience. It is easy to meet the requirements of customers and employees with a bespoke Android app. Considering all these factors we can expect a higher RoI from an app.

  • BYOD and Mobility :

Mostly, employees use Android devices in the workplace. Also, Android smartphones are easily available within the set budget. Both these aspects contribute to implementing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and enterprise mobility with ease. When you come up with an Android app, you can get a higher penetration among employees.

  • Customization and Scalability :

Android OS is known for its flexibility and customization options. When it comes to integrating the diverse functionality and interrelated features, Android OS offers a great support. Also, the Android apps are scalable to add features necessary to meet the requirements of future.

  • Security and Promotion :

In the recent years, Google has focused more on enterprise-friendly features. The company’s emphasis on data security is crucial in the age of cyber attacks. With enhanced security and marketing-related functionality, your business app can work wonders to grow your business.

  • Less TTM (Time to Market) :

A renowned Android application development company can offer you a quicker turnaround and you can get a reduced TTM (Time to Market) and a competitive edge over your peers who still sit on the fence! What’s more, if you want to modify the app further, you can get it done rapidly.

Well, that’s not all! The Android app development can offer many other significant benefits to your business. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that it can act as an online representative and marketing tool for your company.

Features that Make Your Business Android App Successful

Android is a robust platform that offers app developers a large scope of innovation. Though we can state many features that can give your business app an edge over your peers, here we will restrict to a few noteworthy ones:

  • Payment gateway integration

Whether your app has an in-app purchase or you own an eCommerce or retail business, the payment gateway integration is necessary to provide a safe and convenient payment option to your app users.

  • Sync with wearables

Today, we have many wearables available ranging from watches to fitness trackers. You can integrate synchronization with wearable devices to increase the employer’s productivity and to improve the user’s experience.

  • Social media integration

From a short and simple registration to sharing views, the social media integration enables the app users to complete a few processes with ease. This feature has a positive impact on the user experience.

  • Feedback option

Any B2C type of business owner knows the importance of feedback well. The feedback can show you the reflection of your brand. It is the best evaluation tool for your services. Therefore, Android business apps should have a feedback option.

  • Offline capabilities

This is one of the most fascinating features for the app users. If your business app can work in an offline mode, it can gain ground swiftly. You can also give a partial functionality in the offline mode, and the rest of the process can be completed when the Internet is available.

Also, you should bring an updated version of your app regularly to keep it fresh and firm to handle the growing competition.

An Android app development company can give you more insight into the features necessary to integrate into your business app.

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Deciding Factors for Android App Development Cost
Now comes the $64000 question: Which are the factors that decide the Android app development cost? Let us find an approximate answer to this question:

A mobile application development company considers the complexity and size of the Android app because they are directly related to the development time. Broadly speaking, we can classify the Android app projects into three groups:

Small– A simple app with a few basic features. The project last for about 5 to 8 weeks and it costs anywhere between $4000 to $10000.

Medium– It is a business app with a few necessary features and requires a team of developers comprises a project manager, Android app developers, and a QA manager. The projects lasts for around 10 to 15 weeks and cost up to $25000.

Large or Complex– The large app project includes the development of the highly complex business app. From API and database integrations to the integration of customized features are covered in such projects. The project can last over fifteen weeks and cost you around $30000 to $40000.

The complex apps can have either database integration or API integration or both depending on your business needs and types of operations you want to handle through an app.

Here, we have considered a median hourly rate of developers between $25-$30 an hour. When you outsource Android app project, you can have many benefits like cost-effectiveness, timezone advantage, etc. For example, you have an enterprise either in the US or Europe. The US and Canada-based Android app developers take over $160 an hour, whereas, the hourly rate of the European developers is ranging from $125 to $150 an hour. Now, if you outsource your app project to Indian mobile app development company, you can hire app developers at the hourly rate of just $25 to $40. It can save you a lot of time and cost. Also, you can explore the new opportunities in one of the biggest economies of the world.

Android App Development is Costlier, really?
You may argue that an Android app is a bit expensive than its iPhone counterpart. Here are the reasons why mobile app development process for Android platform is more than that for iOS platform:

More Code– Usually Android apps are written in Java that has more and longer instruction words as compared to Objective C or Swift. As per the statistics, Android apps contain 40 percent more code.

Slow Emulator– The Android emulators are slower than those for iOS platform. Due to it, the entire Android app development process becomes slow. Even if the Android app developers use GenyMotion, the emulator remains slow.

Fragmented Devices– Android is a preferred choice of smartphone makers worldwide. As a result, a wide range of devices is run on this operating system. This fragmentation causes a delay and increases the cost accordingly.

Extensive Testing– More devices make the testing procedure lengthier. Special bugs can be found for specific devices. The extensive testing causes a rise in the app development cost.

Though the cost is higher, you can get a good return with a well-built Android app for your business over the period.

Custom Android application development services also include Android app maintenance and Android app marketing services. It is better to discuss these services before assigning your app project because mostly Android app development companies provide these services additionally, and the app development cost does not cover the price for them.

Concluding Lines
From boosting sales to increasing RoI, a customized Android app can serve many objectives while handling the complexities of your business. All you need is enterprise-grade Android application development services to get a feature-rich Android app for your enterprise. Your investment in terms of time, efforts, and money is worth with a user-friendly and a seamlessly working Android application.

Solution Analysts is a top Android app development company that houses a pool of experienced app developers. With a business office in Delmar, Delaware, we’re in a good position to serve the global corporate clientele with customized Android app solutions. Do you have a mind-boggling app idea? Just contact us and we can transform it into an innovative Android app.

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