The Future of AI in Supply Chain and Logistics: A Look Ahead to 2023.

May 1st, 2023

The Future of AI in Supply Chain and Logistics: A Look Ahead to 2023.

Over the last few decades, AI has been ruling and proving as a promising technology among all. Year by year it scatters potential and unleashes diverse possibilities in the supply chain and logistics area. In 2023, AI in the supply chain sustains an array of opportunities to develop advanced business models and quicker desired output.

According to the latest market report declared by ResearchAndMarkets, the global artificial intelligence in supply chain management industry is projected to reach $17.5 billion by 2028. The report focuses on key areas: Automation, Planning and Logistics, Inventory, and Risk Management.

The primary reason for adopting Artificial Intelligence in supply chain and logistics: eliminating manual task lists through automation, boosting productivity and efficiency, and developing advanced business models. However, we entered another year with another goal of achieving this year. In 2023, due to market volatility, AI will be a one-stop choice technology for most CEOs to bring a higher degree of efficiency into supply chain management. 

In this blog, we will understand AI in supply chain and its ways of transforming supply chain and logistics in 2023.

CTA - AI In Logistics

What is AI in Supply Chain?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in supply chain refers to the applications that are built with advanced technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language processing, and Cognitive Computing. The main aim is to optimize and streamline the overall supply chain management process. 

It contains the process of leveraging intelligent algorithms and data analytics tools in order to automate daily routine tasks and activities. It is also helpful in identifying patterns and gathering actionable insights that aid businesses to make more informed decisions and respond to market volatility.

The utilization of AI in Supply Chain has the capability to lead businesses toward increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction. Also, making it an increasingly prominent area of focus for businesses seeking to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption rate in supply chain and manufacturing businesses worldwide in 2022 and 2025 – Source

AI in Supply Chain: Interesting Findings 

  • By 2028, the worldwide market for AI in supply chain management solutions will be worth $17.5 billion.
  • The largest and fastest-growing AI in supply chain management  Cloud-based AI-as-a-Service region is Asia Pacific.
  • By 2028, services for supply chain management  will cost more than $3.7B worldwide.
  • By 2028, AI supply chain management for IoT-enabled solutions will cost $6.12 billion.
  • A key enabler of supply chain management  optimization is emerging: artificial intelligence of things.
  • The main sub-segment of artificial intelligence in logistics and supply chain in the manufacturing industry is material transportation and tracking. 
  • AI-enabled supply chains are over 67% more effective, with lower risk and total costs.

The Benefits of AI in Supply Chain Management on a Daily Basis 

Benefits of AI in Supply Chain Management

  • Accurate Inventory Management 

Inventory management is a core activity that comes under supply chain management. Thus, accurately managing inventory has turned into a priority for businesses. It will ensure the right flow of items in and out of the warehouse. Inappropriate ways of managing inventory can impact customer satisfaction in a negative that derives from overstock, understock, and unexpected stock-outs, which can seriously disrupt supply chain operations. 

Inventory management highly relies on huge datasets. Through artificial intelligence in logistics and supply chain, businesses can opt for advanced tools that are sufficient to effectively manage inventory. Moreover, interprets the mass volume of the dataset faster.

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Closing the warehouse gap is all about strengthening the supply chain. As per the research, it has been stated that the severity and frequency of supply chain disruption constantly increase. Moreover, McKinsey & Company has found that, every 3.7 years on average, businesses encounter an interruption that lasts one to two months. 

As an integral part of the supply chain, warehouse management should be performed more actively and flawlessly. Utilizing AI in supply chain, a business can enable warehouse managers to retrieve items more efficiently, simplify complex processes and speed up work processes. Moreover, AI-enabled autonomous robots and vehicles reduce human labor work which leads to diminished operating costs and improve order processing speed.

  • Enhanced Safety Factor

By embracing AI-powered automated tools, the manufacturer can seamlessly achieve smarter planning, and worker as well as material safety. Thus, one of the benefits offered by AI in supply chain is to ensure workplace safety through deep analysis. Consequently, potential risks can be identified and addressed proactively and minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.

  • On-time Delivery

By employing predictive analytics to estimate demand, improve inventory levels, and spot possible delays in the supply chain, AI in supply chain management helps businesses to achieve on-time delivery. Because of the enhanced planning, scheduling, and real-time tracking of shipments made possible by this, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors can work more effectively together and solve problems before they arise. 

Additionally, delivery routes and modes of transportation may be optimized with the use of AI-powered algorithms, cutting down on transit times and increasing delivery accuracy. 

The supply chain can easily improve delivery times and satisfy customer expectations by using AI to automate processes and give important information.

  • Efficient Logistics and Transportation

AI in supply chain can help in optimizing logistics and transportation by leveraging data. There are multiple sources such as  GPS, weather, traffic, and road conditions-related data that empowers businesses to go further. By analyzing this data, AI-powered systems can provide valuable insights and recommendations that aid logistics and transportation managers make informed decisions.

AI enables the analysis of a historical dataset on various factors including delivery time and traffic patterns. This will help businesses to identify the most efficient routes for transportation vehicles.

Supply Chain AI can Solve

Supply Chain Challenges that AI can solve

  • Sustainability
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Customer Expectations

Wrap-Up:  The Promising Future of AI in Supply Chain Management

In conclusion, supply chain management has enormous and exciting potential for AI. AI-powered solutions aid businesses in streamlining their operations, cutting expenses, and raising customer satisfaction in a variety of areas, including demand forecasting, inventory management, logistics app Development, and transportation. 

AI in supply chain managers in making educated decisions, lowering risks, and spotting development possibilities by utilizing data from diverse sources and offering insights and suggestions based on data analysis. It is anticipated that AI technology will play a bigger part in the supply chain management sector as it continues to progress and evolve. Businesses who adopt AI and spend money on this technology are probably going to have an advantage over those that don’t.

To explore the potential of AI in your business, partnering with the right Artificial Intelligence App Development Company like Solution Analysts is the initial stage toward achieving the goal.

CTA - AI in supply chain

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