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Addressing the IoT Skill Gap to Capitalize on a New Avenue

Internet of Things, IoT, IT Outsourcing

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is on a growth trajectory and their applications, though not yet widely used, are penetrating the markets at increasing speeds. When we read about advanced automation in European countries where manpower has been mostly taken over by machines, we get a glimpse of everything that can be achieved through IoT. With mobility devices and smart wear, IoT is penetrating our households and is accessible even for home automation.

Electronic appliance manufacturing companies are integrating smart operations in their products with great enthusiasm, and mobility solutions developers are also responding with equal enthusiasm towards making these appliances highly functional. However, the rapidly emerging industry is also subject to a skill gap as there aren’t enough developers to augment the development pace.

Addressing the Lacunae

The first hurdle arrives at rapid digitization through IoT technologies which haven’t become a core aspect of the enterprise operational strategy. Many industries are facing the challenge of finding qualified staff for deploying and maintaining industrial networks, which is essential for ensuring security and seamless operations of the machinery. This goes beyond the IT staff and includes plant managers, system integrators, and IoT technology builders. Companies that have the resources are training employees in areas of wireless, security, mobility and other requisite IT skills. For businesses that cannot afford to expend on training and maintain an in-house team, IT outsourcing provides a lucrative outlet.

The Challenges

The greatest challenge for businesses arises in ensuring smooth collaboration between the IT and operations team. A collaborative work environment will encourage the different teams to work respect each other’s skills and work together.

The other challenge is to identify the requisite skill sets for designing high-value IoT solutions in multiple areas. The application of these technologies will further vary between companies and industries; hence the professional responsible for deploying the solution must be prepared to deliver ready solutions that are scalable and compatible.

The emerging Smart Industry

No doubt, a sure and established leeway is being made for smart technologies in households and industries alike, the IoT industry is still in its nascent stages. While direct applications that will seamlessly integrate with mobile solutions will augment the automation process, it must be relevant and cost effective in the long term. Hence, for IT professionals working in the IoT domain solutions will also be measured in terms of its relevance in the longer term and the logical growth process.


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