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5 Things we can tell you about iOS Swift Playground for iPad

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Apple introduced Swift Playground last month that makes coding easy to learn in a fun way. The iPad application uses interactive methods that can be used by students and beginners looking for simple ways to learn Swift programming language. We present 5 things we can tell you about Swift Playground for iPad.

1- How it works

The new application consists of Apple-developed programming lessons and an onscreen guide for students to write codes using immersive graphs, puzzles and challenges on core doing concepts. The app has inbuilt templates with which users can create custom programs and share them with friends or post on the web. Overall, the design is to encourage more people to learn to program and use it in their own unique ways.

2- A powerful play thing for learning and assessment

As simple as the interface and components of Swift Playground are to learn and use, the application is powerful enough to enable the user to write real codes. The Apple developed programming lessons are placed in a library that teaches core coding concepts such as creating functions, performing loops, using additional code and variables, issuing commands among other things. Apple will release standalone challenges for students’ assessment and to create a competitive edge.

3- What you can do with it

Swift Playground has core Swift concepts and unique templates that can be used by the student to modify and build new codes and add graphics and interactive elements. The Swift and iOS frameworks can be used along with Xcode elements to create powerful apps. The apps can be designed for iOS and MacOS.

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4- The many Shortcuts and fast features

Entire programs can be designed in a few steps using the Multi-Touch iPad interface and additional characters from Swift programming can be accessed by swiping across the key. A shortcut bar prompts next commands and values based on the context. The pop-over keypad can be used to edit, the color value can be touched from picking color and boundary drag and drop function can be used to define boundaries of a loop or functions. The student can also drag aspects from the library of common coding snippets and use them to create new codes.

5- Go beyond learning and teach

The knowledge base of Swift Playground can be expanded by third parties by creating Swift lessons in the form of interactive Playgrounds Books. These Books are written as a collection of Pages with Chapters and are similar to the iBook Author. The Playgrounds Books have live code that user can interact with and see immediate results within Playgrounds.

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Swift Playground is designed to provide a simple interface for learning the complex coding techniques of Apple Swift, which is fast becoming the leading programming language worldwide.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy