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4 Reasons to Choose ReactJS for Website Development

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ReactJS is fast catching up as a favourite for frontend design amongst web developers worldwide. Its extensive JavaScript library can be used to create dynamic interfaces that are highly responsive and the large applications can manage immense data flow in a single instance. We bring you 4 reasons to choose ReactJS for website development.

1. The JavaScript Library

The JSX syntax, which is a healthy blend of HTML and JavaScript, is used specifically in ReactJS. It simplifies the whole process of writing components for the website and the HTML aspect allows the developer to render functions without concatenate strings. Using the JSXTransformer, React.js turns the HTML parts into functions. The advantage of ReactJS is that it makes use of native APIs and the JavaScript makes the stack work across platforms by using a different programming model that ensures that the system passes messages across the thread boundary asynchronously, minimising the cross-thread communication overhead.

2. The Components

The bundling of JavaScript and HTML into JSX makes components easily understandable on React.React works with virtual Document Object Model (DOM) to deal with vast sets of data. By creating a virtual DOM in JavaScript, React acts as an intermediate representation of the DOM and makes it easier to decide which elements to change in the DOM and view the results. ReactJS DOM enables developer to create components and combine, reuse or nest it as they please. Many developers view this as a major productivity boost.

3. SEO

For SEO, a complete page has to be rendered from server to browser. The core concepts of ReactJS have been designed keeping SEO in the forefront and for this Node is used. Distancing itself from the popular issue of JavaScript framework not being search engine friendly, React has made improvements by running on the server. Further, the virtual DOM will be rendered and returned to the browser as a regular web page.

4. Facebook Advantage

ReactJS is the brainchild of Facebook and Instagram and hence requires ample support from the development team of the two software giants. Further, it is open source, which means it thrives on contributions by the developers’’ community worldwide. Facebook had originally created React for internal purposes, but recognising its potential, they decided to share the project with the world. While part of Facebook uses ReactJS, the entire Instagram has been built on ReactJS.

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Major Websites are adopting React for designing the UI component of their website, a big argument being in favour is that it reduced bug incidence by a great margin.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy