There is a multitude of options in every category for mobile applications on all the major app stores, across mobile platforms. So, what makes some apps win higher stars than the others?

Enter a keyword in the Search bar of any app store and you will be presented with at least 5 mobile applications that tend to your needs. Some apps succeed better than others, despite performing all the same functionalities. We examine 4 features for a mobile app that everyone needs.


The “cool” factor in an app matters as much as the functionalities it is endowed with. The user interface must be ergonomic, but it must give the user a sense of wonder and discovery when they interact with it.

This keeps them piqued and motivates them to talk about it with their friends and acquaintances, which in turn leads to word-of-mouth publicity. Ours is an age of minimalism, hence a clean interface is a single most important element.

The user should be able to adapt quickly to the application and not stray to a competitor, out of the relative comforts of familiarity.


Although iOS and Android rule the roost, other operating systems including Windows Phone and BlackBerry have a formidable market. Also, even where there I brand loyalty, customers can be fickle enough to move to a different device or operating system for a new experience.

Hence, in order to truly capture the market it is essential that the application be cross-platform.


Users share and save personal details and sensitive information on their applications. Also, simple information such as a display pic can also be manipulated in multiple ways by those who have the intent.

Data fraud and privacy infringement is a burning issue of the current hour, hence security is highly relevant. In applications where data is being exchanged, it is important to assure users that their data will stay private.


Keeping the application updated lends a novel touch and also ensures it is adapted to the latest technological trends.

For instance, as wearable technology makes its headway into the market, or technologies such as NFC and beacon are gaining prominent space; mobile app developers must find ways to integrate functionalities that will utilise these technologies too. For instance, a planner app can push notifications to the user’s wearable device to alert them about events.

In every thread of the application quality must always stay a top priority and hence testing the applications for perfect delivery is highly essential. Customer loyalty can be gained only by offering the best because there are many who can offer same features, but not ensure the highest quality.

To know the market, it is important to stay connected with the market at every stage. What you have to offer may be novel, but it should be synced with probable customer expectation in order to succeed.

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