4 Areas Where Mobile Application Streamlines Enterprise Operations

Jun 8th, 2016

4 Areas Where Mobile Application Streamlines Enterprise Operations

Mobile applications are being used in business in various avenues, be it administration, resource planning and even B2B and B2C communications.

Enterprise mobile applications are an extension to the larger software that is used within the enterprise in every aspect of its operations. They enable business persons to stay connected with the business data even while they are on the move.

With internet at every person’s fingertip and voice command, it is essential that fresh data be updated and made accessible fast, so that immediate actions can be taken. We discuss 4 areas where mobile application streamlines enterprise operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Complete enterprise operations have gone virtual, with enterprise resource planning software that streamline function and lead to optimum resource utilisation.

With software such as Odoo ERP, the internal ERP system can be set up for the entire organisation to view the resource utilization status within the company. Internet and Java-based mobile applications enable users to access complete ERP data even on their mobile devices while they are on the move.

Content Management

Content management is an essential aspect of a business and this pertains largely to data generation, access and protection. As data stays relevant only if it can be easily accessed at the time it is most required, its access across mobile devices is important.

Platforms such as Alfresco and Microsoft SharePoint have mobile extensions which can be added to the user devices and after generating requisite authentications, data access is facilitated even via internet and extranet portals.

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Customer Relationship Management

In customer-centric businesses, the dynamic market conditions make market trends obsolete at a faster rate.

The marketing team can stay on top of market sentiments, the sales team can respond faster and the customer relations team can be better prepared to manage customer issues and deploy the data to the relevant department with the aid of common data access.

With ASP.Net based applications, mobility devices can be brought into the folds of devices through which CRM data can be accessed and acted upon.

Enterprise Communications

Communication applications common features include instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing and voice messaging.

These tools of instant communications have relegated emails to a secondary position, where only extremely critical data that include heavy files or data that needs documentation are sent. Liferay and SharePoint are prominent platforms in enterprise communication applications development.

These platforms can be used to create well-performing apps that work seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices.

A common factor in mobile application development for enterprises is that they are all designed to lend agility to business decision-making. It is a key motivator in the modern business operations and most businesses with ambitions for expansion have a mobile strategy as an integral part of their overall business technology development strategy.

Whether it is to stay connected in B2B or B2C environment, mobile applications are being used extensively by enterprises to manage data and to communicate business matters.



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