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3 Web Development Trends to Watch-Out for in 2016-17

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As we progress through half of this year and well into the next year, we find the difference between mobile and web development dimming web applications and websites are viewed on desktop and mobile platform equally. Mobile friendly, open source frameworks and tools and security will continue to be essential considerations for web development companies. We discuss 3 web development trends to watch out for in 2016-17 –

Interface interactions

User interface design trends have taken the minimalist turn and single screens with magazine style images are much in demand. Contemporary art that gives straightforward information, infographics, for instance, are marks of a successful website or web application. Vertical divide that splits the screen in two and displays two different, but related piece of information has become predominant. This can be viewed in the case of eCommerce websites and business applications where two important pieces of information regarding offers, products, or media can be simultaneously displayed in the prime space.

Also, since the application or website has to perform equally well on the web and mobile platform, responsiveness will be an imperative. In fact, a special reference of “references” may no longer be applicable as all interface design will be taken for granted to be responsive.

Citizen Development Boom

Gartner had first predicted the trend of citizen development about three years ago, though the trend started picking pace about a year back. Apple’s Swift Playground is a pointer in the direction as Apple makes its Swift open to amateur developers to play with its codes and create mobile applications which can be submitted to the App Store. Similarly, enterprise application development platforms also provide tools for developing small applications by members, so that they do not have to wait for the IT department to create virtual facilities for them.

Many cloud solutions allow users to bypass the IT department and create their own solutions; this is called “Shadow IT”, though it is fraught with security concerns. Citizen developer is a user who creates an application with simple tools and can be used by multiple users.

Speed and performance

High-speed internet is readily available and the hardware technology to support is present in most internet-enabled devices. The minimalist designs, the improved development frameworks, and tools all together are geared towards facilitating speed without performance compromise. In terms of SEO ranking and user experience too, greater importance is given to quick loading website over and above flash media and excessive use of heavy images.

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We respect your privacy. *Privacy Policy