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Hiring a person is a costly affair. As per the Society For Human Resources Foundation, the average hiring cost of one person is $4129 in the year 2020. Fortunately, RPA can assist companies to automate numerous repetitive and rules-based tasks in the process of hiring and onboarding.

For example, a bot can gather the information of applicants with more accuracy and without any bias on a 24/7 basis. Once gathering is done, the bot could also screen their resumes.

After hiring employees, the bot could handle much of the ‘paperwork’ efficiently for smoothening the onboarding process. RPA solutions can bring automation and facilitate companies to provide a seamless onboarding experience to newcomers.


  • The hiring process is time-consuming and requires a lot of attention of HR executives. Hiring of even a single person takes a lot of time and resources.
  • Manual hiring and onboarding processes involve a lot of paperwork that can pose a challenge and increase the chances of human errors
  • Hiring processes remain slow because of work hours workday restrictions. For example, no hiring process is done during leaves and public holidays.


  • RPA solution for hiring can work on a 24/7 basis every day and streamline the process
  • Many repetitive processes including filling details and fetching necessary information can be automated using the RPA solution


  • Companies can save big on money, time, and resources in hiring processes
  • The hiring process requires less paperwork with more automation
  • Candidates can get a smooth hiring and onboarding experience with the process that takes their less time

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