Cloud migration offers a great advantage in the form of culture shift. An enterprise can get an opportunity of cultural shift using DevOps as all the operations can be easily handled by developers and they can come with highly customized applications.  With DevOps, cloud can make the goals of transformation and automation viable.   

Cloud migration can improve processes, tool chains, and culture while driving the enterprise toward automation with the help of DevOps. It can improve collaborative efforts and increase overall efficiency of enterprises. In a way, cloud migration can contribute to taking enterprises to a new level through DevOps adoption. 


Migration to cloud brings a cultural shift in the work environment

It is necessary for enterprises to rationalize the different languages, tools, and databases, which is quite complicated

It is cumbersome to maintain a subtle balance between mixed pools of data and infrastructure

Hybrid and mixed environments bring complications in the workflow while migrating to cloud


DevOps adoption can make cloud migration viable and enterprises can meet the migration-related challenges effectively

DevOps can involve in the process to meet complex requirements of enterprises and migrate applications to the cloud

DevOps can make the cultural shift possible based on the cloud migration and employees can accept the change more easily

DevOps brings automation and consistency while facilitating industries to migrate to the cloud


Cloud migration contributes to improving processes and culture of the enterprises along with DevOps

Company’s culture and work environment remain more productive and capable of adopt to changes through cloud migration with the combination of automation.

Enterprises can collaborate more effectively with the cloud-based solutions and DevOps processes

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