Web scraping or data parsing is a popular practice of extracting relevant information from different web pages. Various specialists and marketing professionals find this practice very useful as they can get the valuable data for market analysis and strategic planning for campaigns.

Though website scraping can be done manually, it is better to use automated tools to scrap data in a quicker and error-free way while saving money for the company.

RPA lends a helping hand in data parsing and leads to fewer errors as compared to the same done manually. Also, executives need not to know how to code for using RPA bots. A customized RPA solution can ‘scrap’ all the necessary information you need on a particular website. It brings automation and speeds up the entire process. It is also possible to get more than just a screengrab of pages with RPA bots.


  • Web scraping is a time-consuming and repetitive task, which can become cumbersome even for experienced web researcher at times
  • Manual data parsing is prone to errors if done manually and if the collected data is wrong, you need to give more time to correct the same
  • When done manually, website scraping fails to give the desired outcome with accuracy, and companies need to hire a full-time executive for it.


  • A tailored RPA solution can search for the relevant information from various web pages and copies it into the spreadsheet for further analysis
  • It is possible to make different lists for various search queries to make the most of the valuable data in the future with the help of a RPA software


  • Companies can save big on hiring costs and other expenses while automating the web scraping process
  • Highly accurate data can be fetched in a short time to make and implement marketing campaigns effectively
  • RPA-based web scraping process can give high ROI in a short term and companies can save up to 15% over the period

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