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  • We are very impressed by the Solution Analyst-TennisSource team working on our mobile development. They continually exceed our expectations in the areas of code quality, project management, and quality assurance. We are pushing forward with technology that is cutting-edge, and SA is able to meet this challenge and provide essential feedback to the design process, so we can deliver the best products in our industry. With our continued push into the mobile connected world, we are excited about what our two teams can deliver.

    Richard Moore Mobile App Development Testimonial

    Richard Moore TennisSource

  • Solution Analysts Team - I had a suspicion that you guys were awesome and you have proved that to be true! GREAT WORK! You have exceeded our expectations and your work is perfect!!! Thank you and now I will go look at Part II.


    Darian Wilson Selfie App

  • Solution Analysts treat your project as if it where their own. Extremely pleased. They have been very attentive and quick with project development. I am not very tech savy, and they where extremely patient with me and my questions.

    Cris Testimonial

    Christopher Nelson VaPay

  • Our company found SA team and they are so cooperative and always have their best advise on a sophisticated web site they built for us. Unfortunately, we have to wait on the host company to resolve some issues with our last developer. Team was so kind to talk to the previous developer and fixed the problem. I highly recommend Kalpesh and team, they are professional, excellent adviser, I personally learned quite a lot from this experience. As a partner and financial adviser this was not my roll, we have now a fully automatized web site, with mobile application at a reasonable cost. Thanks Solution Analysts

    Lydia Testimonial

    Lydia Digi Doc

  • I’d like to recommend working with this team. I was wholeheartedly impressed. Apart from the team itself, project managed by Mr Patel, Kinjal and Ketan were always willing and able to help whenever I threw something new at them, I like to point out: Great communication, Guys are always ahead of the game, Great suggestions, Can’t do enough for the client, Very nice design suggestions, Very impressed with the way they integrated the whole system together, Very fast and timing always spot on. I found the team to be professional at all times. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.

    Patricio- Testimonial

    Patricio Novoa La Cajita

  • Technical skill is outstanding, delivered as promised. Spent extra efforts to provide critique on whether certain functionalities would make sense or are worth developing.


    Y. Daniel Cheng

  • I had the opportunity to work with Solution Analysts on the implementation of an international telecom standard. During the project, I came to appreciate Teammates as highly professional, highly competent and courteous members. Their clarity of thinking and exceptional communication skills enabled us to work together on tackling complex challenges and develop innovative solutions. Team's deep understanding of software development concepts and approaches, and high command of Java, were essential elements in the successful implementation of our project. Based on my pleasant experience, I highly recommend Solution Analysts' team for any complex software projects that require a team of hard working, competent and professional developers.



  • I have been directing web, online marketing and eCommerce applications for over 15 years and this was my first job with Solution Analysts. I was completely satisfied and impressed with their level of professionalism, proactive project management and technical capabilities. They are the real deal, the complete package, and now my primary mobile and web development company.

    Stephen Curtin

    Stephen Curtin

  • BY FAR THE BEST DEVELOPERS SO FAR I HAVE SEEN!!!!! They are honest, trustworthy and very good! Completed work in plenty of time and done more than required as instructed. Spent hours explaining the work which was NOT part of the job, I appreciate for all the time and support from the team. I would RECOMMEND everyone and to work with them. Totally outstanding efforts and time spent on my project. Thank you sooo much! will come again. BRILLIANT, ACE, ++++++


    Mayz Ali

  • 6 stars! he got on a video teleconference with me to walk me through the set up, emulation, and exporting process -- even more than I'd asked for. I hope to work with him again some time.


    Jeffrey Spicer

  • He Is a Awesome developer !!! I am shocked to see how fast he has done the Web application !!! Super fast and super Developer !! .. A++ great Web apps developer and Whats next .. Next big project.


    Gautam Naidu

  • Solution Analysts team is excellent! Always available when they said they would be, and work was completed ahead of projected schedule. An extreme pleasure to work with!

    Joshua Stern

    Joshua Stern

  • Glad that we have finished the design and coding of my portal. I truly appreciate your dedication to this portal which really proven in your willingness to discuss and work during late night time and even during weekends! Your knowledge and experience in a web design and coding especially for iPhone/iPad compatibility is truly amazing. I'm an extremely detailed person and yet request after request is being fulfilled up to my expectation. I'm really happy to see my vision of the portal being materialized precisely as I've imagined, pixel to pixel. And for all these, I thank you.


    Gavin Goh

  • Thanks again for all your hard work. The site is looking great and the client is happy.The client is offering to send us some GameTablets and are asking what platforms and how many. I wanted to extend the offer to you, too, so please let me know if you need an XBOX/Wii or PS3 tablet for you.

    Luis Jimenez

    Luis Jimenez

  • It was a good experience working with you on our Liferay project. You contribution in the team as Liferay experience team member helped the team and start the project with the defined vision. You were able to provide the initial guidance to the non-liferay team members to kick-start and gear-up their development work in Liferay.I hereby take an opportunity to thank your contribution to the Liferay project, we appreciate your hard work and dedication. Your tenure on this project has successfully ended, I am sure our paths will meet in future.



  • Solution Analysts team is simply one of the best teams I've ever worked with over the past 25 years, whether online, offline, onshore, offshore, wherever. They work within our project management system and provides daily product versions and progress updates. They have the ability to work on the margin in areas that we never even expected with technologies I dropped on them at the last minute like Amazon Web Services EC2 or other cloud technologies. I really can't say enough great things about them. If you have a project that is "mostly" within their ballpark, you can probably assume he'll fill in the blanks for the rest and keep your teem small, nimble, responsive, and communicative.

    Michael Harris

    Michael Harris

  • Solution Analysts did an outstanding job on this project. We will be using their services again and highly recommend them for all iPhone and Android development needs

    Sam Morris

    Sam Morris

  • The team worked well. The product was in the right quality. Feedback was received and issue were corrected rapidly. We will continue to work with this developer on future feature development.



  • Solution Analysts did an amazing job here. Thank you Ashish & Sandip and all of your team. We have big plans for this current build being worked on and should really position us to win for our marketing launch just after its completed.


    Pat Mackaronis

  • SA team worked very good and we was very committed to get the job done. Their time tables were realistic and stick to them too.

    Leo Testimonial

    Leo Hämäläinen DEVOCA Oy

  • Solution Analysts team is the most professional software development organization I have worked with on UpWork. Their management processes compliment the solid development skills they bring to the table. I'm grateful for being able to work with them on this project.


    Jon S

  • The team at Solution Analysts produces new mobile app releases in days, rather than weeks or months. The finished product is delivered iteratively so that you can test the app and provide feedback in real-time. They are highly available via email as well as Skype chat and video calls. If you're looking for a mobile app development team with built-in redundancy across engineers, QA, and project management, look no further. Highly recommended!


    Tom Race Chasers

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