How the IoT-Cloud Combination Benefits Enterprises in 2022

Cloud computing, IoT, and Big data are growth drivers for modern enterprises. On one hand, these three advanced concepts act as a catalyst in increasing the company’s productivity, and on the other hand, they pave the way for digital transformation and automation. 

Be it a startup, SME, or large-scale enterprise, the integration of IoT technology with the cloud can make enterprises more efficient and smarter. In this post, we are going to discuss the relationship and benefits of IoT and cloud computing along with big data analytics. 

IoT and Cloud Computing- Made for Each Other

Cloud computing is not a new term for the corporate world. As a catalyst to achieve unimaginable goals, the cloud can meet the diverse requirements of companies of all sizes effectively. 

You can handle, manage, process, access, and analyze zillions of data with the help of cloud computing. Be it a startup, SME, or a large enterprise, cloud computing draws valuable insights for every company. 

Modern enterprises can become more productive and efficient when the cloud combines with IoT. Cloud-based IoT solutions can assist companies to stay relevant and competitive amid challenging business scenarios. Let’s dig deep into the role of cloud computing in IoT solutions. 

“The cloud empowers modern companies to have access to the best innovation infrastructure.”- Jeff Weiner, Ex-CEO, LinkedIn 

Role of Cloud Computing in IoT Infrastructure

Cloud computing is about storing and accessing data seamlessly across multiple devices across the globe. 

Cloud computing

Cloud computing enables IoT devices to record, capture, store, process, and analyze data at a larger scale. Simply put, both IoT and cloud computing combine to streamline automation in a cost-effective way. 

Another important role of cloud and IoT integration is in data analytics. Companies tend to use this combination to analyze big data related to consumer behavior, patterns, and trends. 

Let’s understand the relationship between IoT, cloud computing, and big data

How IoT and Cloud relate to Big Data

IoT solutions are designed to assist businesses to optimize various operations on-premise. Cloud computing helps process all the data generated by IoT solutions or devices. Whereas, big data analytics can play a crucial role in making IoT solutions more efficient in bringing automation and optimization. 

IoT and Cloud

Simply put, IoT apps can fetch data, cloud computing provides safe storage to the data, and big data will analyze the same to provide actionable insights. In a way, cloud computing acts as a bridge between the IoT platform and big data. 

Big data, cloud, and IoT work hand-in-hand to meet complex business needs effectively across different industry verticals. What’s more, the cloud brings scalability and flexibility for enterprises while simplifying the data transfer process between connected devices. 

A cloud-based mobile app can leverage the benefits of the cloud-IoT synergy and provide large-scale actionable insights in real-time. 

Let’s go through some of the big benefits of IoT cloud in an enterprise mobile app.  

Top Benefits of IoT Cloud in Enterprise Mobile App Development

Cloud computing enables IoT-based apps to store and handle data effectively. Whether you own a startup or an established organization, data is highly valuable for your business. With data, you can make the most of emerging technologies including AI, AR, and ML. Talking about the enterprise mobile apps, most of them are AI-driven and cloud-based apps. 

Here is what IoT and cloud combination offers to your business app. 

Immense Scalability

One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is it offers high scalability and flexibility. As compared to legacy systems, cloud-based systems can be easily scaled up to meet increasing needs. A mobile app needs the support of infrastructure to keep pace with increasing user data every day. 

When a cloud-based solution handles data, it takes less time in setting up a virtual server or adding more space. 

In a way, the customized solution can scale quickly in line with the changed data usage. High scalability also provides endless data processing possibilities to get valuable insights. 

Reduced Time to Market (TTM)

As per the Oracle report, the cloud-based architecture can increase the app development speed by up to 50 percent. Whether it is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or app development, time is always a valuable commodity. 

Cloud IoT is an easy-to-use, on-premise solution for enterprises that can assist companies to save time and effort effectively. Most cloud-based solutions have built-in analytical capabilities, and therefore, they can assist entrepreneurs to get rid of customizing on-premise systems. 

Cloud computing can also handle data capturing and storage in a secure way. The IoT cloud is useful in deploying an enterprise solution without compromising on its performance. 

Enhanced Security

All enterprises give priority to data security and privacy protection these days. But then, startups and even established enterprises find it difficult to maintain a secure IoT-based ecosystem. Thanks to cloud-based security posture management solutions, we can automate the discovery of vulnerabilities with ease. 


Cloud can reduce operational cost and Capex by eliminating the need of investing an upfront amount. Even if your company needs a large-scale IoT solution, the cloud IoT combination remains cost-effective. 

Also, advanced cloud-based solutions can reduce the data processing costs significantly with flexible structures. 

Managing an on-premise server to support massive data is a herculean task and a dedicated team should be assigned for it. What’s more, in case of an on-site emergency or a similar situation, the entire system can suffer a prolonged downtime. Here, cloud-based IoT apps lend a helping hand and facilitate companies to avoid such situations effectively. 

Easy and Instant Access

The cloud enables users to access the stored data remotely from anywhere in the world. It further facilitates real-time analysis and quicker response time. Also, the cloud supports responsiveness and integrates with other technologies including AI and ML. 

Also, cloud computing increases analytical capabilities so that IoT-driven apps can work more efficiently in giving actionable insights. Such apps become more tactile and reliable with the cloud. 

Customized mobile apps can assist users to monitor connected devices on a 24/7 basis. The cloud makes it possible by making the data available in real-time. 

Concluding Lines

It is fair to mention that IoT, cloud, and big data synergy will reshape the future of modern enterprises. We will see highly innovative and robust solutions based on the IoT Cloud combination for enhancing convenience and leveraging technological advancements. All you need to hire a reputed IoT app development company to gain these benefits. 

IoT-Cloud Combination Benefits Enterprises

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