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Telehealth Solution – ITU


ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). ITU support health care, education, government services, financial markets, transportation systems, e-commerce platforms and environment management which allows people to communicate with colleagues, friends and family anytime, and almost anywhere. The solution involves mobile application which allows logged-in users to view connected users and hold online chat sessions with them, receive warnings and latest news, post request and statistics on predefined actions. It also includes a web portal which allows ITU Admin users or managers to administrate user, user groups, and categories and define contact access rules.


 Some of the significant features available in this mobile application is as follows:

  • Chat: Share Images either from the camera albums or capture using device camera
  • Pinch in/out to view the received image
  • Picture Fetch feature allows the authorized users to mark specific area using a resizable rectangle in the received image
  • Copy feature allows user to choose the message(s) which needs to be copied and can be pasted in other conversations
  • Read Receipt feature shows read messages as double ticks
  • Mute feature doesn’t notify the app for new message arrived from the user
  • Private note allows notes to be added to the user or group which will be personalized
  • Send Chat via Email allows sending .txt file attachment of the conversation via Email to the user’s email address
  • Chat History: It allows to display the previous chat threads that happened with other users with the last time-stamp of chat
  • The chat which is unread will be highlighted in bold
  • Search keyword allows showing results with chat threads including the searched keyword
  • Request for Action: It allows user to request for action in any situation where help is needed
  • View/edit the list of requested actions along with its status
  • Search request with keyword
  • Filter the list by category
  • Update status to Close or cancel initiated request
  • View the members of initiated group conversation
  • User has the ability to leave the conversation if s/he does not wish to receive notifications about the conversation or view group conversation on the subject
  • Settings: It allows user to manage the different type of notifications such as: New Message, Latest News
  • Statistics: Total number of messages sent
  • Total number of messages sent by me
  • Total number of messages received by me
  • Total number of users
  • Total Request for assistance
  • Total number of active requests
  • Total number of active users in past 24 hours
  • Total participation in requests


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