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Smart Health Watch

Project BRIEF

Stay connected with your smartphone even when it is not on your person and keep track of your by pairing the Smart Health watch to your smartphone. The main function of the application is to keep the user updated with real-time data on their health and fitness. The hardware watch collects Activity, Burned Calories, Intake Calories, ECG, Sleep Quality, Deep Sleep Time and Sleep Stability data. Once the mobile application is connected with hardware watch, it receives latest health data via Bluetooth from hardware watch and displays real-time health updates. The application also provides user capability to view history and 3 months trend of health data with user-friendly charts.

  • Monitoring : View Activity, Burned Calories, Intake Calories, ECG, Sleep Quality, Deep Sleep Time and Sleep Stability
  • History: Select any past date and view health data of particular date
  • Trend Graphs: View trend graph of health data on weekly, Month and 3-Months basis
  • Status Bar: Display status of hardware battery, Bluetooth connection, and alarm (on/off)
  • Bluetooth Interaction: Once application is connected to hardware watch, it collects all health-related data stored in the hardware watch
  • Workflows: To get real-time health data, there is bi-directional communication between application and hardware watch to send commands and receive packets. The application sends various commands at defined intervals and replies back (acknowledgement/error) based on received packets data
  • Device Setting: Discover and Pair from available hardware watches and display list of paired devices
  • Personal Settings: Set Gender, Weight, Height, Birth date, Time to Wake Up, Time to Sleep
  • General Settings: Switch Metric and Imperial Units
  • Alarm: Notification based on time set by user in the personal setting


iOS, XCode, iPhone, Android


Health & Fitness





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