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Rigged Words Scramble Mobile App


The Rigged Words Scramble Mobile App is a word scramble gag game that appears to be a normal word scramble but has a secret that reveals the word . The game will look like a totally legit jumble app, and play totally legit, but allow the player doing the gag to pull it off. In this, the theme of the game makes the user feel forest environment with live animals. The player will have a hint button in every game that can be used once per game. A player can play with friends, family, and acquaintances.

Project BRIEF

Some of the significant features of this project is as follows:

  • Looks and plays like simple word scramble application, but each game contains secret clue that reveals correct word
  • Change game mode of Rigged Word Scramble and it will look like totally legit word scramble app call as Rigged Word Scramble
  • Opening screen for first-time users will have the Uncle Andy Rigged Jumble branding, and the user can keep it or disguise it to make it look like a regular scramble game.
  • The game is always played in Pass and Play Mode and each jumble has 1 round of play on one device
  • The game will allow player to enter his word and as the player types, word suggestions from the game’s word list are displayed
  • Once a player is ready, they tap the “Done” button and the user can either shake the device or press the scramble button to scramble the word
  • The unscramble screen will have the letters of the scrambled word on individual tiles floating on the screen and a letter tray matching the number of letters in the word
  • Each game has a hint button that will randomly drop a letter into the correct slot on the tray and fix it so player cannot move
  • Once the player has filled the tray they can hit the solve (submit) button, and be rewarded if they have answered correctly, or be allowed to try again and be penalized for guessing incorrectly
  • The How to Play screen has a cloaked and a rigged version. The cloaked version has help text that is part of the gag. The rigged version reveals that the game is rigged and explains the trick
  • The About screen has a cloaked and a rigged version. The cloaked version has Ivy League BS text and the rigged version reveals that the game is a gag and has Uncle Andy Toys about text
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