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Fairy Princess Mirror

Project BRIEF

Fairy Princess Mirror is an iPhone app that can be s a mirror. The app uses the front camera of the device and its zoom in zoom out functionality to give the same level of clarity as a mirror does. The app has sound effects that are designed to make the user feel special when checking the mirror.


  • Open Application :The app directly opens to the mirror with a floating text – “Mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?”
  • Main Screen :The front camera projection of the device acts as the app’s main screen. The user can zoom in or out by placing two fingers on the screen. The user can take a picture using this app by the camera button located in the bottom center of the screen.
  • Navigation  Button: The main Screen has four main navigation buttons- Settings, Flash, Front/Back Camera, and Sound. The main screen has picture frames in the background that can be “scrolled” through. If the user slides his/her finger left or right the background frames will slide to the next or previous frame
  • Settings Button :Settings screen options include: Recording username, Turn frames on/off , Share a picture with friends via Facebook, Twitter, text, email , “Rate This App” sends the user to the Apple store rating page/screen for the app .
  • Flash Button :The Flash button uses the native flash settings functions of the camera: flash on, flash off, flash auto
  • Flip Camera Button :The Flip Camera button is a toggle that uses the native front/rear setting of the camera
  • Sound Button :The sound button will play user name with the complementary sound file. Hit the button and it will respond ‘Your name’ is the fairest of them all


iOS, iPhone,iPad


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