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CCFL Portal

Project Brief

CCFL Portal was designed to assist settlement workers in Canada to assemble information on the life and financial planning in Canada and help newcomers to the country settle comfortably. Users can create customized PDF files and documents with information on life in Canada and based on client priority, instantly print or email the same. The portal has features to identify the client’s financial literacy-related needs and has tools to assist clients who have specific financial problems or queries. The user can create a tailored document for individual clients to address their issues which they can carry with them for later reference. If the client is convinced by the assessment, the user can use the assessment tool to address their issues. There is a clause built into the portal which assures clients that their personal details and contact information will not be stored or used otherwise.


Some of the prominent features of this enterprise application is as follows

  • Categories: Categories are the goals of the client who wants information related to their queries based on selected goals and subcategories.
  • Sub Categories: Subcategories are the drill down topics attached to the category. For this, we have used out of the box Categories feature of Liferay.
  • Topics of Categories/ Sub Categories : Topics are the information related to client’s financial literacy needs. These topics are nothing but the web content dynamically updated with attached categories. So when any subcategory is selected by client its related web content is displayed with information s/he is seeking for.
  • Send Mail to Settlement Worker and Client: Send an email to client and settlement worker with generated PDF document and different mail body. These mail templates are configurable by portal admin.
  • Dynamic Page Content: All the content displayed on the page is dynamic. So portal admin can change the content anytime and it should be reflected on the pages without any code change or downtime. For this, web content is created and mapped to the sections of the pages.
  • Generate PDF Document from HTML Content: Clients use this tool to find the information related to their financial literacy. They browse through the many topics and select the topics they are interested in. Once they select the topic, they preview the information and also download the information in the form of PDF. Here the information is in the form of HTML, so HTML is converted to PDF file


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