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Augmented Reality based Sony Smart Glass app Designed for Blind People

Project Brief

We have built Sony Smart Glass app designed for blind persons to make them less reliant on strangers on the streets and more independent in reaching their destination

App user can send help request to operator using text to speech feature and the operator’s guidance will reach the user via text to speech feature. Thus, the individual will always have a trusted companion to guide them in the right direction

The operator and user can chat using text to speech and speech to text feature, so the blind person is not hindered by inability to articulate their demands

This Application provide blind persons assistance using- A)Image recognition B) Traffic signal detection C)Near-by places suggestions D) Text analytics


  • Application user can touch the smart glass to capture an image and the app will detect traffic signal light ( red or green) from image and inform the user that – a) The signal is green and they can cross the road; or b) The signal is red and they will have to stop at the curb
  • On double tapping the smart glass, user can start auto-capture mode. In this mode, the smart glass will continue capturing images even when user is idle with other sensors. So, the device will continue to generate output to guide its user
  • This application first checks traffic signal light form image using Open CV and if the light is not detected then it will analyse test from the image. The system is seamless and will not cause any break in function and hinder the user’s progress
  • The app will display the traffic results and speak it simultaneously. This is a feature integrated for the benefit of partially blind users.
  • When the user long presses on smart glass, live streaming help for operator begins. This is an “SOS” feature to help the user when they are in trouble
  • System operator can view the user’s current location via live streaming and guide the user with text to speech chat. This is to ensure that the user is never stranded due to downtime on the application
  • Application user can select place category such as bakery, police station, hospital for which they will receive nearby places recommendations. They will thereafter be given complete guidance till they reach their destination. It works similar to GPS navigation apps.
  • For better management, the app will cache 3km distance locations into the app. This way, even if there is a network downtime the user’s journey does not break


Java, Android Studio, Augmented Reality


Health Care





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