Mobile Apps & Softwares Customized for Various Industries

Mobile Apps & Softwares Customized for Various Industries

Our customized, feature-rich, and user-friendly enterprise app solutions keep your company ready for the future.

We Deliver Customized Mobility Solutions for Your Enterprise

Modern enterprises have to maintain a subtle balance between the customer’s requirements and pricing of raw materials. It is also necessary to bring automation in the processes for enhancing productivity and improving quality. 

At Solution Analysts, we build robust and secure IT solutions for our global corporate clientele across various industry sectors. We take care of every aspect ranging from market trends to the competitor’s activities for assisting industrialists to meet key objectives.

Industry Sectors that We Focus

Our in-house team of experienced app developers can build feature-rich and future-ready solutions in line with the diverse needs of modern enterprises. We develop solutions for all the major industry sectors like manufacturing, legal, food & beverages, retail, hospitality, sports, media & entertainment, agriculture, oil & gas, logistics, education, and travel.


We build customized app solutions for the thriving manufacturing sector. Our focus remains on integrating advancements of IIoT (Industrial IoT) and AI in secure and feature-rich  enterprise-level apps.

Food & Bevarages

We have worked on some of the robust online food delivery app development projects. We facilitate our clients to make the most of the on-demand delivery trend through user-friendly and seamlessly-performing apps.


At Solution Analysts, our in-house team of experienced developers can develop a feature-rich hospitality app from the scratch. We provide customized app solutions to automate and simplify hospitality-related processes .



We build customized apps for addressing the diverse and complex requirements of a thriving retail sector. Our eCommerce-based apps can have all the desired features to boost your business online.

Health & Fitness

We strive for addressing healthcare-related challenges and complexities. Our team of developers assists healthcare professionals to provide improved services to remote patients and indoor patients alike.



We build patient-centric and feature-rich apps from scratch for the thriving healthcare sector. Our dedicated mHealth apps can assist you to expand and improve patient care services. Healthcare organizations can provide telemedicine services using the app.  

Logistic & Fleet

Logistic and fleet is one of the most active sectors. We build robust and reliable app solutions for this thriving sector to enable our clients to automate processes, meet deadlines for deliveries, and follow all the prevalent standards.


Banking & Finance

In the age of digital payment, the banking & finance sector can thrive by providing advanced and secure online payment functionality. Our robust and reliable banking apps have all the desired features. 

Real Estate

The thriving real estate sector needs advanced app solutions. Our customized real estate apps can take your real estate business to a next level with improved services and personalized user experience.



We build a customized learning management system with desired features from scratch for educational institutions and training institutes. Our online education app solutions promote eLearning campaigns.

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