Home Automation Solutions

Cost effective, time-efficient and conveniences galore.

With our advanced home automation solutions that are designed with Internet of Thing (IoT) technologies; we endeavour to create smart homes and smart cities that are economically viable and environmentally responsible through efficient use of available resources.

Our applications are designed for convenience and comfort with smart living options.

We work closely with businesses to deliver home automation solutions such as instant operations using wearable technology, mobile applications, and web intervention. So, whether it is setting the thermostat at the optimum levels or managing home lightning based on human presence in rooms, we will make your ideas and indulgences come to life.

You Are Part of The Development
  • Choose what to connect
  • Create account and set users
  • Automate with APIs to integrate device and web services
With Our Home Automation Solution You Can
  • Turn on lights with your smartwatch

    Just press a single tab on your smartwatch to set the shade and turn on the light in the rooms you want

  • Turn on and monitor security cameras with your mobile phone

    Once your home security system has been synced with the mobile phone, you can monitor the movements and activities within the house using it. Further, you can get intruder alarms and respond to it via the app by calling the authorities.

  • Lock down your entire house when you leave

    A single tap on your smartphone will lock the entire house, turn off appliances and lighting and turn on the security camera so you can leave in a jiffy. Also, if you forgot to do it as you step out of the house, do it while driving or once you’ve reached the office.

  • Get coffee, just the way you like it from the percolator as you enter the kitchen

    Pre-set the coffee preferences via a mobile app with timings so that your cuppa is steam and ready for you to pick

  • Manage the house temperature at optimum level with auto-operation of thermostat

    It’s a twenty minute drive home from office? just as you get into the car set the temperatures on your mobile app or speak the instruction into your smartwatch and the thermostat or air conditioning will be set so you feel welcome home.

  • Get auto-updates on grocery, dairy products, fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and schedule visit to the supermarket

    Just enter details or speak it into your phone as you load the refrigerator and set reminders for when you want to top up. You can even email your grocer or send them a message automatically via the app when the levels are down.

We connect IoT enabled home appliances with the cloud, wearable devices, mobile devices and other internet-enabled devices to provide seamless experience. The applications are based on rules that are pre-set at the development stage of the application.

Services We Provide
Web & Mobile Application Development
iBeacon App Development
Wearable Sevice App Development
Internet Enabled Apps for Household Appliance
Analytics & Visualisation Tools
Cloud Technology Enablement

We transform ideas into tangible entities with meaningful application. Let us hear your idea and together we can build something new.


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