Advanced Healthtech Software Development for Improved Patient Care

Advanced Healthtech Software Development for Improved Patient Care

We know what it takes to take your healthcare organization to a new level through higher efficiency, enhanced care, and better administration.

Digital transformation has taken the corporate world by storm. Advancing technology and cutting-edge devices bring automation and transform key processes in the healthcare sectors. Millions of healthcare professionals and patients witness improvement in services and overall experience through customized healthtech solutions. You can give your healthcare organization a boost by combining your domain expertise and our ability of developing innovative solutions from scratch.

Our robust healthtech development services enable healthcare organizations to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies like machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Our developers have hands-on experiences in developing customized healthtech software development solutions.

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Key Challenges Our Healthtech Solutions can Address

While developing customized healthtech solutions, we keep various aspects in mind including various regulations, HIPAA compliance, and security of patient data. We offer top-notch healthtech development services for unlocking value-based care opportunities for your healthcare organization. Our customized healthcare app solutions address challenges like :

Processing of Medical Insurance

Consolidation of patient’s self-monitoring data and its integration with the physician’s reports are necessary for optimizing medical insurance payments. We integrate modules for automated claims processing in customized healthtech solutions.

Extending Telemedicine Concept

Telemedicine or telehealth is a revolutionary concept that facilitates healthcare organizations to reach remote patients. We make customized healthtech solutions based on the telemedicine concept for addressing various challenges.

Medical Bills Processing

Healthcare professionals have to spend a lot of time on billing and insurance claims. Our tailored claims management and healthcare invoicing software can save this time while reducing their effort in billing processes.

Protection of Sensitive Data

It is imperative for the healthcare organization to protect confidential and sensitive data of the patients all the time from cyber-attacks and malfunctioning. Our healthtech solutions are capable of addressing this requirement.

Types of Customized Healthtech Solutions We Offer

Our healthtech software development services are designed to build bespoke solutions that can capture the data from various sources rapidly and integrate easily with the existing healthcare system. We offer solutions for :

We understand business goals and conceptualize your idea from the target audience’s perspective.

We finalize the most suitable technology to get an optimum outcome from a customized fintech application

We document features clearly and identify fintech app development complexities while rollout timelines

We plan the components to provide an excellent user experience while maintaining the best standards

We implement the best security and data protection features in the app to protect the end user’s privacy

We ensure that the fintech app development process remains compliant with government regulations

Case Studies


ITU is an IT division of the United Nations that wanted to make a communication and help tool or a mobile app for on-field doctors to treat EBOLA virus in Africa and assist remote health workers. The concept was to enable field workers or on-field doctors to get the real-time assistance after spotting the problem, and start primary treatment before sending the patient to hospital.

Case Studies


The client, one of the biggest chains of healthcare organizations in the Middle East, wanted to come up with an advanced Telemedicine solution back in 2012. The majority of deaths occurred due to the delay in giving primary treatment to the patients especially during the casualty. The client wished to provide the primary treatment from the moment the ambulance reached the patient’s doorstep. Simply put, the client requires an inte grated telemedicine system consists of medical devices and advanced software for initiating emergency treatment quickly.


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