Custom Education App Development Company

Custom Education App Development Company

In the age of eLearning, feature-rich solutions can make education more appealing, interactive, and interesting. Education institutes can expand their reach and improve the academic experience using our customized education solutions.

Enhance Learning Experience with Education Mobility Solutions

Our robust and reliable mobility solutions enable your educational institutes to come up with interactive and interesting learning models based on data analytics. You can facilitate education institutions to offer excellent teaching experience.

Augmented Student Management for Higher Engagement

With Augmented Reality (AR) technology, our customized education app can give an immersive learning experience. Our engaging apps have features like memory training, language learning, and embedded learning products for making education fun and interactive for young children. We, at Solution Analysts, implement a highly innovative learning model for kids, students, and college students. 

  • Assignment Tracking System
  • Module Assessment 
  • Digital Bookmarking
  • Digital Library Access
  • eBook Learning

Teaching Solution for Maximum Results

There is no concern about grabbing the student’s attention with our customized teaching solution. With a highly attractive UI for students to seamless connectivity across various devices, our customized teaching solutions can provide engaging experience. You can offer entire module on the mobile and PC while ensuring timely completion of syllabus. Our customized teaching solution also enables students to get good results. 

  • Engaging eBooks
  • Customized educative and informative content
  • Robust module management system
  • Graphic embedment
  • Evaluation and implementation

Education Mobility Systems for Improved Institutional Activities

Education mobility services of Solution Analysts are designed to assist educational institutes and researchers to access potent and scalable resources in a cost-effective way. We ensure that you can implement backend systems, learning programs, and online fees management for smooth and seamless operations for your institute. We strive for rationalizing institutional activities and assist the education system to enhance the learning experience. 

  • Improved educational activities
  • Robust fees collection mechanism
  • Quality-clad and process-driven approach
  • Resource management and regulation
  • Powerful Campus management system

Benefits of Education Mobility Solution

Boosting proficiencies for research and innovation

Increased operational efficiency in your institution

Systemic DMS (Document Management System)

Video eLearning System for multiple platforms

Support for multiple devices and integrated backend

Interactive interface and engaging experience

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